This was just a bit too good to pass up.

"Pastor John Hagee: Tuesday’s ‘blood moon’ eclipse signals the end of the world"

Having four chances to see lunar eclipses over the next year or so is pretty cool, but having a chance to laugh at religious nutballs is nice too.

Hope you have good viewing weather tonight.  If you're on the right side of the ball to get God's message, of course.

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Interesting point.  In the Bible Belt, I'd guess there's a reasonably high probability that you'll be able to see one of these moon messages.  In the Pacific Northwest, not so much.

So people likely to be receptive to the message will receive it, whereas all those pot smoking hippies wouldn't have cared anyway so why bother?

There's your Proof Of God right there - targeted advertising.

Lol Fletcher.

What is all this crap anyway? I saw a woman with a shirt saying "King Jesus Returns 2011." I guess that didn't happen. The other day I looked up into the clouds and thought I saw Jebus, but it turned out to be Elvin Presley. I don't think the clouds are reliable.

The clouds are as reliable as the rest of them.

The clouds are absolutely reliable. It's your ability to correctly interpret those clouds that is faulty. You sir, lack faith. Because you lack faith you do not have the holy spirit in you. Because you do not have the holy spirit in you, you cannot correctly understand gods plan.

This is all so bloody obvious...(to anyone it's bloody obvious to anyway)

Hmm.  Would he return as an adult, or a baby?  Might take him a bit to get up to speed.

Or maybe he'd come back as a cat, to make sure he got suitable numbers of views on YouTube.  It's not as easy as some books make it out to be, you know.

Oh noes 


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