HELP! I have to talk with a Pastor about Atheism tomorrow!!!!!

I really am sort of freaked out about this whole thing. You guys have always had my back and given me good guidance on here. So please tell me what you would say...

I've daydreamed about how a conversation with my old southern baptist pastor would go... I would give him plenty of facts, he would have no good arguments in return and revert to his poor excuses for arguments he has used a thousand times before. But I did not think my dad would actually set up a meeting for me with the pastor after I mentioned how I could set the pastor straight the other day. Sigh...

I don't want to turn down this opportunity though. I'm curious of what he will say about some things and I'm wondering how well I can do holding up my end of the argument as well. Who knows... Maybe both of us will get something useful out of our conversation.

So here it is. If you were face-to-face with a southern baptist pastor you didn't really know, what would you say to him about atheism vs christianity?

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I have never had a problem telling someone I do not believe in a god. My family is almost entirely "christian" but I do have one other athiest brother and one who I would deem agnostic. I haven't ever been chastised for not believing so I guess I am lucky that way. I do remember my grandmother getting rather upset for my when she heard I didn't believe in her god because she worried about me. But I was never looked badly upon for my lack of belief. 

That said I do not discuss my lack of belief at work because I own the little shop and I know not to mix any religion/ politics with my paycheck.


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