I'm Sylvia from Southeast Texas.  I am a lifelong atheist, and like I read in someone else's recent post, I have never thought to look online for atheist forums.  I am so used to just keeping my thoughts to myself as I have always done here in this part of the country.  I never knew an atheist outside my own family until I went to college when my kids were small.  Recently I was invited to join a local Freethinker's group via Facebook.  It's been refreshing to meet some of those people in person and to be able to feel free to express myself.  I look forward to getting to know a lot of the folks here.

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Welcome, glad to have you here. Scot from Minnesota.
Thanks Scot :0)
Hi Eugene and thanks :0)
Hey! Good to meet you.

HI Eric, thanks...nice to 'meet' you as well :0)

Welcome Sylvia!  I'm in San Antonio. Welcome to A/N!
Sylvia ... A very warm welcome from thousands of miles away  :-)
Oh one more thing Sylvia I heard they are very religious there in Texas... Is it?
HI Ali Shah...thank you for the very warm welcome.  And yes...here in Southeast Texas, they are VERY religious.  Places like Austin and Houston, and probably Dallas are more liberal and tolerant.  But here....nooooooo....every other word out of anyone's mouth is "Jesus"  "thank Jesus, praise Jesus, help me Jesus."  LOL  It's why I am so thankful to be meeting atheist friends...to save my sanity!
Hmmm... Same in my home country.. A little bit different, they take out guns and kill if we even raise doubts on the "peaceful" religion of islam. Anyway stay safe and stay away from god :p
Hello Ali  thanks for you post.  No, it's quite a bit different here...we aren't in danger of dying because of our lack of belief.  I admire you guys who dare to be nonbelievers in your part of the world.  I know how dangerous it is for you.  Take care!
Hi Sylvia! Welcome, from the southernmost tip of Illinois.


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