Anybody seen this number one bestseller (literally, leading the top of the bestseller list) called:


"Heaven is For Real!" 


Preacher's son goes under in surgery and then describes heaven?


Saw a coworker was giving it to her son to read ... so sad :(

WTF America?????



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Actually what I find interesting is that when you hear about an atheist (any atheist) who happens to have a near death experience and comes back from it with a belief in 'God' is hailed as a miracle. But if a Christian has a near death and comes back from it realizing there is no God, he is considered brain damaged.

yeah...nothing like good ol' confirmation bias-but if you try to explain this to them they just give you a glassy-eyed look and don't hear a word you say.  I'm not so sure I really believe that we should be a nation where religion is considered a freedom-it's more of a mental disorder in the most classic of senses, and should be treated as one-just like homosexuality was treated by the American Psychiatric Ass'n until 1975.  Religion can easily be defined as "the inability to judge one's own thoughts or actions on a rational basis." 
Just got on and read some of the reviews on the book.  Yeah, the majority are the sappy, teary eyed, moronic reviews about "how inspiring" and "since we know heaven is real, this description is so powerful....blah, blah,blah."  However, if you got to the 1 star reviews, it was interesting to read a number of them written by believers, and even one minister, who said some of the same things written here.  The kid was coaxed and manipulated, false memories were planted, descriptions were due to delusions from high fever, etc.  One thing that I did find interesting is that while the kid's father, a preacher of some sorts, is given top credit for writing it, the "power behind the word processor" is one Lynn Vincent.  Ghost writer for Sarah Palin.  Gee!  Go figure!

I have watched a few interview with the boy that this story is about and his father.  In each of the interviews, the father has done much of the talking for the little boy and when the little boy talked you could hear it in his voice and see it on his face that he was thinking, "Dad, why must we keep on lieing about this?"


Little boy, your dad is a money hungry asshole that is lieing to make a profit off of the 75% of Americans that have some sort of a neorological disorder.


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