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Luara, you need to learn what teachable moment means

This puts it exactly the right way Susan!  I'm just so mad at myself for letting someone like that get to me.  I am going to make myself put it out of my mind now and have a nice evening!

Patricia, don't let her get to you.  She probably likes it.  I let her get to me, and I lowered myself to her level.  I'm mad at myself for that.  We probably can't even begin to count the number of people that have gotten into it with her. We need to stop responding.  We can talk about it in private. 

Okay, so today started out fun for me when I put this joke up (one that I didn't even write), and when someone made it not fun, I lowered myself to responding immaturely.
I am apologizing for responding in a juvenile manner, and although I still REALLY think it stinks that the fun was ruined, I'm embarrassed that you all had to read that. I should not have said a word.


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