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Yes, I know what you said.  Believe it or not their others here that can read.  And yes, by correcting the joke you ruined it.  You are just too pig headed to admit that you were wrong about something.  You also seem to think we should have thicker skin against against things people say but, that doesn't apply to you.


Normally it's considered a good thing to give true information.  There's nothing wrong with pointing out that the stars (usually) don't run on helium. 

People getting all insulting about it - including you - does ruin things.  And AGAIN, there are rules against personal attacks on this site. 

I have often posted things and not gotten the response I wanted.  That can always happen if you post in a public forum.  Sometimes jokes can get a response you weren't looking for. 

I don't believe in attacking people personally.  You and others have been doing that. 

I thought it was helium.

Smart Mike!  I accidentally put HE instead of He in the title, but then I thought people would be tricked better into thinking I meant gawd. :)

Thanks for the laugh! It was leading me along until the end.

(And I won't quibble about the thermonuclear fusion inside stars.)

Hey ... thermonuclear fusion works quite well with helium ... just NOT in OUR STAR!

Yes, at the end of our sun's lifespan, it's supposed to make heavier elements including carbon - "metals" to astronomers :)  It's heavier stars that make the really heavy metals etc. 

Most of the stars' energy comes from hydrogen to helium fusion though.

Unless you count the gravitational collapse of black holes, maybe that kind of energy outweighs fusion energy. 

LOL Grinning Cat!  :)

Hey Luara, GO EDIT YOURSELF! EDIT YOU!  Have a nice EDITING day!

Cool it, Booklover. 

Look - this site has a rule about not making personal attacks.  You have been attacking me all over the place.  How dare I correct misinformation - how terribly offensive of me ...

I actually regard it as a favor to correct misinformation and to tell the truth.  The truth is important.  Truths about stars are important too.  And this is not fundamentally offensive, though it pissed you off. 

Susan, you said it exactly! :). I think this Luara person is a troll. No one could actually cause so much trouble by accident and be do unable to understand why nobody likes their input. We should all just ignore it. We can all just send jokes between friends on our lists where trolls can't go.
No, information doesn't piss me off, but ruining fun things for people does. Go away.


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