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Guess what Luara? Lots of people on here including myself wouldn't have known your science fact. You were showing off OR you're just a wet blanket. I think both. YIKES! Have I offended? You are SO not a fun person. Go watch yourself on YouTube. You're under SNL Debbie Downer. Now go away. Quit being a dick. Work on how your personality comes across on the internet. I'm sure you're just SO MUCH FUN in person. Not!!!!!

I wasn't showing off.  I was just observing, that thing about He making stars shine, isn't true.  Not trying to be a wet blanket either. 

Perhaps you are misinterpreting. 

I don't know what I have ever said to you to offend you. 

Guess what Luara? You WERE a wet blanket! And you weren't even trying! I've read many responses to you on AN by people who you say don't get what you mean. So maybe the personality problem is YOU.
Anyway, thanks for nothing and I won't read your responses on anything, immature as that may be, because I come to AN to relax, not to listen to people who cause stress and suck the fun out of things. Have a nice day!

Please stop beating up on me. 

So you made a joke that had a wrong statement in it.  It isn't a personal criticism of you to point that out.

And pointing it out isn't doing something wrong, although you seem to think there was something wrong about it. 

One could even see it as sharing some knowledge.  Now you know a little more about where stars' energy comes from.  It isn't inevitable to interpret that in an antagonistic way. 

See? You made it so I couldn't respond to you. Did I SAY I took it as a personal criticism Luara? You totally missed the point of the WHOLE thing. Bye!

No I didn't make it so you couldn't respond.  And you did respond. 

When you say I'm "causing stress" and "sucking the fun out of things" - that is your personal reaction.  For some reason it aggravates you. 

Other people might enjoy my contributions, not attack me for them.  And I make a lot of jokes too :) 

Maybe I would feel embarrassed if someone pointed out a wrong statement in a joke - but it really just needs the wrong statement about stars substituted with something else.  If it were my joke I would edit it. 

Thanks Patricia!  Some people don't understand how they come across to people.  I think she's beyond help.  Ugh!

She really knows how to ruin a joke. 

But, you are dumping all sorts of personal attacks on me.  This site has rules against personal attacks. 

Look, in a public forum you are not always going to like things that people say.  Sometimes things will rub you the wrong way.  So live with it. 


This site has rules against personal attacks.  You can express yourself without attacking others. 

All I said Susan was that the stars don't actually get their light from helium fusion!  Unless they're in a special stage of the star's life. 

Jumping all over me for saying that, is what ruined the joke. Not my observation. 

If it were my joke I would edit it, that's all.  Take out the part that's wrong and come up with something that is true.

The Star of Bethlehem might have gotten a lot of its light from helium fusion, for example. 

Yes, I know what you said.  Believe it or not their others here that can read.  And yes, by correcting the joke you ruined it.  You are just too pig headed to admit that you were wrong about something.  You also seem to think we should have thicker skin against against things people say but, that doesn't apply to you.


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