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He(e), He(e), He(e).

lol.  I should have titled it He, but I thought people would think I was talking about "god" if I put HE, lol.

Really liked the post Booklover. I really wasn't going to read it as I see too much of the opposite type post on Facebook. It had me going all the way up to the end. Thx.

Glad you liked it Greg!  The person who sent it to me on FB is an Atheist, so for I minute I thought she'd found religion! lol.

So you recognize that sinking feeling in your heart as well. Whoops, I meant you recognize the signs of depression that result from friends or loved ones making poor choices ;-)

(sounds like a warning on a TV commercial for medication)

Yes Greg, I do!

But He doesn't actually make the stars shine :(    At least for the stars like our sun. 

Patience, patience.

I don't think everyone knows that or cares Luara, it's just a joke.

Yes, but there's accuracy in jokes too :) 

It's the conversion of hydrogen TO helium that makes our sun shine. 

Stars make heavier elements in some circumstances, including using He to make carbon etc..  But H -> He would be the main energy source for the stars in general. 

Luara, I'll bet you're a real gas at parties! "Lighten-up!" He(e)!

Yikes Booklover, have I offended somehow?

I make a lot of jokes.  But there's quality in jokes too, like both ends of a pun need to make sense for it to be a good pun. 


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