Has anyone ever attended an orgy or sex party?

A comment from AN member Nate, joking about an orgy, got me to wondering if anyone here has ever had that experience.

I've never been to an orgy, but I did go to an S&M party once (M/F & Gay/Straight included) where everyone just tied each other up and whipped and spanked one another, and similar activities. Went home alone though.

I also had a 3-way once.

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See, if I organized an orgy, I'd screen. That way, it eliminates that sexual attraction problems, plus some other issues that may arise from an orgy. Gotta play it safe!
Sex-ratio manipulation (let's discourage men and encourage women): one of the things that turns me off about swinging.

Although I suppose the reason for this is b/c guys are just so weird about being around each other in a sexual environment...maybe the solution is for guys to just like each other a little more!
I was a part of a fivesome in 2009. Is fivesome a word?
Sure, why not. We know what you mean. How did the situation come up? Were you doing the swinging thing?
Yes, although we were kind of out of our element. I'm not really into the whole orgy thing, but it was nice to try it once. I'm actually more about personality than parts, so I probably wouldn't do it again.
LOL! Sex, then icecream and Bullshit? That sounds like a hell of a night!
Ive been there before... well, not quite. No sex, plenty of icecream and Bullshit though :)
2 out of three is good, right?
Do you think scheduled is better than spontaneous? I was debating this with someone. He said he liked it better if it was planned b/c then everyone can think of what they want to do, what their boundaries are, etc. For me the planned (or even meeting another couple when everyone knew we were evaluating each other for potential sex) was kind of awkward. Like, transitioning into it: people could rip off each other's clothes right away, or they could sit around and make small talk, knowing an orgy is imminent at some point. I've liked when things were spontaneous. The most recent threesome I had came completely out of left field. I had dinner with my husband and his friend and we were tipsy and kept talking about sex and then I wanted his friend to watch us and then he kind of joined in. None of us had seen that coming from a mile away!
True, though I usually just told someone at the time if something was turning into a boundary pushing thing, and it turned out OK.
I fell asleep at a party once and woke up to people kicking me in the head having an orgy. There was a guy ralphing in the bathroom and another by the door. (This was in a hotel.) Needless to say, it was not a good experience and I just left without joining in. I have been at many parties where orgies just popped up and never joined in. I just really don't feel comfortable in more than one on one situations. I don't consider myself a prude though. I would be a prude if I judged others for swinging or refused to be friends with a swinger.

The military was a real education in regards to sex. Considering what goes on in the military, it's amazing there is so much uptightness about gays being openly gay. I saw a whole lot of things more interesting and definitely 1000x more deviant than plain, old, boring, monogamous gay couples. I really question anyone who has been in the military and claims not to have seen or participated in some pretty interesting stuff.
Yeah, I don't think it makes you a prude if you realize it's not your thing. The situations you were in also don't sound at all positive.
I've had a 3-way with 2 girls, but they were strangers I met a a party. I think it'd be too difficult if one of them had been a friend or girlfriend.

I think that might sound backwards to some of you, but the anonimity of it is what made me go through with it; knowing that I'd probably never see them again.
In college, me and 8 - 10 of my female friends would regularly play truth or dare that would end up in orgies. We're all still friends, some of them I've known since middle school (I'm 33 now). It was always tons of fun and no one ever got hurt. I've been in lots of MFF threesomes, usually with friends or married couples. Some really good, some really bad, but the mix hasn't been that much different than the one on one sex as for as counting them as 'worth it' goes. I sort sort of a bonobo, anyway. I have sex as a way of saying hi to a friend I really like. About the only thing I haven't done is be gang banged by a bunch of guys, but it's really not something I'm interested in. If the opertunity presented itself, I wouldn't say no, but I'm not seeking it out.


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