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Happy New Year to you as well, Mindy!

Happy new year to you also Mindy.  I love most of those sayings!  My favorites are:

1: The educated believer being unforgivable.

2: I already know about religion, that's why I'm an atheist.

3. Remember this image.

4. Contrition.

Spud, my favorites are Remember This Image, and Contrition.

I haven't seen any of them before.  Thanks.

You are welcome. They are sort of downers, but it's reality at least!

Happy New Year friends!

Happy New Year, MIndy

Happy New Year booklover and to all.  

After watching our local fire works standing in -38 Celsius temperature and a windchill of -56 Celsius (converted to Fahrenheit -36.4 F / windchill -68.8 F) it was great coming back home and thawing out, reading many informational posts through out this warm and friendly atheistnexus site.

Have a Funtastic New Year....

I wish a Happy New Year and the best possible health to everyone at this great atheist website which is Atheist Nexus. 

Terry Meaden

Happy New Year to All!!

Happy New Year Mindy and thanks for your inspirational efforts!

Happy New Year SB, not very inspirational, but at least honest!~Mindy


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