How ironic is it that a man who works at a gun range is shot, and killed, by a nine year old? The man was teaching her to shoot an uzi. I know many people won't like this but I find a kind of poetic justice in it. Put a fully loaded sub machine gun in the hands of a child and what do you expect? Children shouldn't handle guns. Period. The parents, state or firing range should be held responsible for the trauma done to the nine year old girl involved.

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I agree, Daniel! My husband said the same thing. That poor little girl will always have the awful knowledge that she liked someone, even if it was a horrible accident!
Mindy, I know what you mean. I once liked someone, and that memory has haunted me for many years,
LOL, Daniel! Not a funny subject in the least, but auto-correct changed killed, to like, and I didn't proofread!!!

The problem with traumatized kids is they tend to think, "It's my fault." She'll blame herself for whatever happens to her parents no matter who is to blame and no matter what she is told. Mom and Dad may not be that bad. The idiots living in AZ assured them that guns are safe. Yeah, they were too stupid to figure out the truth for themselves, but lax gun laws send the wrong message.

Right, wrong or indifferent, that kid probably loves her parents very much. If authorities put her in a position where she must testify against her parent, it could destroy her, especially if her parents fell for Arizona's crappy gun legislation and simply need to be educated. Yes, they should pay in some way for subjecting their daughter to such trauma, but not by adding to the trauma.

Fundyland, maybe the parents aren't that bad. BUT, I still believe it's totally irresponsible to put any weapon in the hands of a child. And an uzi shouldn't be in anyones hands imho. I'm not anti gun. I own several myself and used to shoot skeet in competition. But with the deaths in the United States caused by guns every year we need to tighten the laws.
I agree, Kathy! No one needs an Uzi. I'm not totally against guns either, my husband and son trap- shoot on teams. I'm not against a handgun in the home for protection, as long as it was legally bought, and it's kept away from children.
I AM against open-carry, any kind of semi-automatic, etc. How far are we going to go in this country? Until everyone is afraid to leave their home because there are guns everywhere? The countries that don't allow guns have the lowest murder rates. I think most developed nations think we're fricking nuts with all the bible thumpers and gun nuts.

Mindy, I agree! 

Funny, we're not hearing much of the usual mantra: Guns don't kill people, people kill people.

Oh, this just in. Apparently we've got something even better:

The NRA Just Tweeted '7 Ways Children Can Have Fun at the Shooting Range'

Here's a couple of suggestions for the NRA's Fun With Fully Auto Assault Weapons Summer Camp For Toddlers, when the kids get bored shooting and hitting a silhouette of a human being.

1. Put up a picture of that one teacher you never did like, and let 'er rip.

2. Big brother or sister pull something on you? Put up their photo  (along with any other family members who may have made you made).

3. Didn't get what you wanted for Xmas? Put up a moving Santa and his sleigh. Double points for splattering Rudolf's nose.

4. Just getting bored with target practice? How about some training with a commando killing knife as seen in the movie "Predator." You'll learn how sneak up behind your best friend or little sister and......

While the foregoing may sound sick,  in light of training pre-pubescent children to kill, why the hell not?

It would go well with their religious upbringing.


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