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Gun Toting Feminist Libertarian Progressive Engineering Student

Hey everyone. My name is Kamboja. I have lived in Nebraska most of my life, but I was born in Singapore. I am currently going to a technical college to learn diesel locomotive engineering and maintenance, I also have an interest in philosophy, economics, history and evolutionary biology/psychology.


I have always been an atheist. So are both my parents. I find religion to be ridiculous, of course I find the cavalier attitude towards centralized bureaucracy many atheists have to be just as religious and a lot more dangerous.

I have been shooting firearms since my mother bought a shotgun in early middle school, much to the surprise of my father as he was used to the total disarmament which is enforced in Singapore. I love firearms for sport shooting and I carry one every day for defense. I have tried out a few gun clubs, but generally found the border Gestapo and war-mongering bent of many members rather creepy and gross. Glad to see there are liberals/Progressives out there who aren't all about disarming

Politics-wise I guess I am a bit out-of-step, I am strongly influenced by old decentralist Progressives (John T. Flynn), libertarians (Will Wilkinson), various communitarians and plain old classical liberalism. I am a strong individualist feminist, ala Dora Marsden and Wendy McElroy. This is one of my philosophical motives behind supporting individual firearm ownership, as I believe self-defense is the right of every woman and don't trust the militarized fascistic police to even take my life seriously, much less protect me. I generally support decentralization, the deconstruction of the Federal Government and the power of the State Capitols and I'd be willing to let people give outright anarchism a shot if they felt inclined to do so. I've been active in LBGT, free immigration, free trade and anti-racism groups.

My current collection includes:
CZ75 9mmx19

Glock 20 10mm Auto

Ruger Model 44 .44 Magnum

Sig P239 .357 Sig

Sig P210-6 9mmx19

Beretta PX4 Storm 9mmx19

Benelli M4 Super 90 12 gauge


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Hi Kamboja, really interesting bio there, and wow 0.0 at your collection. Of course I don't know guns at all and have never fired one, but it seems to a useful hobby especially in the event of an zombie apocalypse or the collapse of civilization. I have an interest in shooting firearms, hunting, and fishing although I haven't tried any other these activities yet. Being as self sufficient as possible is one of my values, yet I am also an environmentalist who knows renewable resources need to be well understood and regulated if they are to remain renewable.


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