Sorry, kinda blurry.  This is my son 15 years ago in a preschool xmas pagent (sp?) singing "This Little Lite of Mine, I'm Gonna Let it Shine."  Notice which finger he's holding up (he had no clue). LOL!!!!

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That's hilarious!

ahhh haaa. That reminds me of Elian Gonzales" father who was tired of the press. His bird was a cross between the hitler salute and the bird. His arm was extended at and angle, and his palm faced the press while flipping the bird. 

Awww - that's just so cute. : )

Very funny.

Such a cute little heathen. 

Now he's a cute 5' 11" heathen. :)

booklover, your few words gave me no clue on whether your son is still among us. I dearly hope he is; I would love to read his current feelings and thoughts on the pic.

Oh yes Tom S., he certainly is!  He is 18 now and goes to our awesome community college we have in our city, and works part-time. 

He just thinks the picture is funny, same as we do.  He is an Atheist now, but then he was just singing the words the teacher taught him.  He just happened to use his middle-finger.  He didn't know what it meant, lol.


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