GOP, Tea Potty Evangelicals, and Catholics F*****g With Our Schools, Taking Tax Money From Middle Class And Giving it to Churches

If you follow "Church and State," official magazine of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, you would know just how perfect this illustration is to describe exactly what is going on in our schools. Louisiana was a testing ground for sneaky Intelligent Design people to try to sneak in Alec laws allowing the teaching of myth and superstition as a "alternative" to evolution. Science and religious dogma are never equals. The "Kitzmiller" judge who decided that mixing science with mythology was unconstitutional, also said in a finding of fact that "Intellgent Design" was Creationism, out of place in science classes. He said that I.D. was religious belief and not science. Irony: the "Kitzmiller" judge was appointed to the federal bench by a Republican.

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In that case at least one republican got something right by appointment.

Even if it was by accident.

lol k.h. :)

One saving grace is that ever since that law got passed in Louisiana, Zack Kopplin has been on their case, working to get it repealed.  He's one tough and determined kid, and for what I understand, he's had some success.

I still can't believe humans are having this problem in the year 2014.  It should be SOOOO obvious by now that gawd is an old superstition.  Almost everytime I hear or read something like this I am stunned again.  WTF is WRONG with people?  Seriously?  Have they not evolved enough?  Sometimes I just feel like giving up and not giving my views, etc. I feel like it's all for nothing.

Again, reminded of the scene in Five Easy Pieces where Jack Nicholson picks up a couple of hitchhikers including one who kvetches about everything under the sun and when she finally runs out of things to dis, says with resignation, "I don't want to talk about it." For our sophistication in these matters, booklover, we are labeled "elitists" or "intellectual snobs" or worse. There is a backlash to the so-called New Atheism (it isn't new, it's just getting the recognition it deserves). Keep repeating the first motto taken by Aleister Crowley when he joined the same occult society in London that W. B. Yeats belonged to: "Perdurabo." That is Latin for "I shall endure."

It's not that they haven't evolved, Mindy.  It's that the fear has been passed down from one generation to the next in a rigid, systematized fashion.  Fear of hell, fear of displeasing god, fear of non-conformity with the majority, all these figure into the perpetuation of religion and its usages, including creationism.

That fear, combined with social inertia, will be hard to beat.  It's doable; it just won't be easy.

I think because I was raised without religion I don't understand people believing it as much as people who were raised with it, and reasoned their way out of it.  My sister was raised without it, married an xtian, became and xtian, and now says she doesn't believe there was a jesus, and doesn't believe the bible was written by "God."  But she still believes the IS a god, and she believes praying helps things.  I think she's just holding on to that last bit of belief.  I hope she lets that go to someday.  Oh.  And she became a republicon.  ~shudder~ lol.

Isn't it a law that religious people MUST be republicans??
I'm sure it's in that damned book of theirs somewhere. It must be . How else could they damn gays, pro - choice, and Jews to their special hell?

You bet, it's in II Centurians 69:23: "And the multitude gathered at Basaria called out to God together and asked 'What shall we do?' and God said, if you truly believe, cast your lot as a 'publican and all things shall be given to you."

Republican policies are also mandated by Matthew 25:29: "For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath."

(I am not making that verse up! Isn't cherrypicking fun?)

"Abundance." Is that the basis of the "prosperity gospel"?

I think so k.h.!  But my religious & republicon brother-in-law is pro-choice, not against Jews, or gay people.  All the rest he's a staunch republicon.  I also have friends, a couple, who are like that.  Not bigots, but republicon in that they don't think we should help the poor, etc.  I've pointed out to all of them that they're not in the 1%!  The couples adult son is on SSDI, and I know people who can't get it who are in a lot worse shape than he is!  He can drive, he's had jobs, etc.  They don't find it ironic that he should take SSDI, but think that's not the government supporting him (he's 22.)


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