I was at the library the other day and I noticed this woman was staring at me.  I stared at her until she looked away.  A few minutes later she plopped her butt in the chair across from me and said, "God told me to talk to you."


I told her that I did not hear a damn thing, I saw no burning bush and if she wanted to talk to me, the proper protocol was to introduce herself and ask my permission to bother me and I also told her that she and her kind are rude and very disrespectful.


She tried to introduce herself.  I told her too late and get up before I put my foot up her butt so far that the twelve disciples will have to open up their mouths to dust the bottom of my shoe off.


The whole section busted out laughing.


Some nerve

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On the spot.  I find myself getting cranky and rude to idiots in my advancing old age.  ;-)

Funny how "god" needs more help communicating then a fisherprice phone...  At least with that you can hear Elmos voice...



"Go tell it to the mountain." Oh, the fun of changing just one word.


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