A cousin-in-law on Facebook (I know, I know) put up  something that a friend of hers said about the tragedy happening because everyone does not put wonderful, loving 'god' first in their lives, blah, blah, blah.  I, of course, couldn't keep my mouth shut and said it had nothing to do with religion, moral people are moral people, and this guy was obviously insane.  Then the cousin-in-law said she believes 'god' has something to do with EVERYTHING. 

WHAT THE FUCK do you say to that?  REALLY?  Her 'god' had something to do with that?  And WHY would you worship something that had the power, but didn't do anything to save those babies?????

I know, we talk about this all the time.  I really just want to be a hermit.  I hate dumb people, and there are WAY too many of them.

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What really gets under my skin is when people say its because "god" isn't allowed in public schools! Really?! 26 people died needlessly because your silly deity was throwing a hissy fit?!

Seems like god has a lack or power, because individual schools get to decide if they want to let him in. 

Agreed Damien - their god has no power.

Great discussion booklover!!

Thanks Steph, too bad we had to have it!  The world can be a horrible, cruel place. 

Yes, booklover the news has been so horrible lately. My mom said she couldn't sleep and was so upset over those children losing their lives. It's been so horrible and sad.


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