A cousin-in-law on Facebook (I know, I know) put up  something that a friend of hers said about the tragedy happening because everyone does not put wonderful, loving 'god' first in their lives, blah, blah, blah.  I, of course, couldn't keep my mouth shut and said it had nothing to do with religion, moral people are moral people, and this guy was obviously insane.  Then the cousin-in-law said she believes 'god' has something to do with EVERYTHING. 

WHAT THE FUCK do you say to that?  REALLY?  Her 'god' had something to do with that?  And WHY would you worship something that had the power, but didn't do anything to save those babies?????

I know, we talk about this all the time.  I really just want to be a hermit.  I hate dumb people, and there are WAY too many of them.

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Yes, exactly my problem too booklover. That's why I made a discussion on when I come out Atheist people think I am morally depraved and I'm just a terrible person. They assume the worse about me.

We are good without god - but somehow they think you have to have god to be good.

I would expand on this.  It seems to me that people without god are "gooder" on the whole than the god freaks. 

There seems to be a feeling that if you have religion, then you don't really have to practice what you preach.  The most "unchristian" acting people seem to be the most devoutly christian. 

I know Steph.  Their xtian 'god' isn't very good.  We are WAY more moral than it is.

glad you posted this Mel.  i've been upset all day at the "get god/jesus back in the classroom" facebook shit.  Huckabee and Fisher spew this vile nonsense and people actually buy it.  grrrrrr!!!

I know Matt, I know!  I tried to keep FB just my daughter, sister, and niece, but just to be nice I added a few 'relatives' that aren't really related, and I can't STAND the STUPIDITY!  I'm going to start un-friending again on there.  Ugh!!!!!!!

That's awesome Patrick!  Thanks for sharing this.  I feel like sharing it on Facebook.  Why shouldn't I?  If those morons can put their religious bullshit on FB why am I given crap for posting my non-beliefs?  Oh I know, because they're MORONS!!! :)  ~ Melinda

A friend of a friend  posted that the shooter could not have been a xtian because xtians do not kill or harm other people. I thought I was going to throw my laptop across the room in anger! But then I realized that there is nothing I could post to convince him or the other "like" people that would change their minds. I would, in their eyes, look like the "bad guy." I have found Facebook to be an exercise in restraint.

I know Larry!  That's great you have restraint.  I can't help myself, and then the morons start acting like they are superior to me because I am a lowly Atheist and THEY believe in GOD, so they are holier-than-thou.  I am SO happy to have all you lovely, understanding people on here!

Reminds me of someone that I was childhood friends with posting a meme to the effect of "let's kill people in the name of our religion" ... "said no Christian ever" after the Benghazi attacks.  I just posted two words in response.. "The Crusades".  It unleashed a hell of a vitriolic attack by him and another childhood friend, basically saying "well that happened a long time ago, so it doesn't count" and for some reason one of them then telling me that I would have supported slavery in the 1800s because I am registered as a Democrat. (?)  Needless to say, I have "defriended" them both.

Wow Patrick!  WTF with the Democrat/slavery thing.  I'm a Democrat too! lol.  I lost a friend on FB over religion too.  Their stance was SO ridiculous that I just thought "Good riddance!"

CAIR (The Council on American-Islamic Relations) has just taken out a bus-advert campaign in Chicago, with the idea of reclaiming the word jihad.

In Arabic the word refers to a difficult struggle to attain a worthwhile end. Radicals have hijacked the meaning of the word to justify terrorism in the name of Islam.

But like the word atheist, there are those that will only see the meaning presented by the press and common discussion, and could care less about its actual meaning. On this I think CAIR may be in a losing fight, though Muslims in the USA are generally better trusted than we are.

And unless I misunderstood your post, the GOP used to be the liberal party (think Lincoln vs. Yellow Dog Democrats and the civil rights movement).

Folk can and do change. But Christianity is hamstrung by its holy book, beyond which it cannot change unless the book is first revised. Since that won't happen (or at least has not since Luther, and all he did was remove some OT books and parts of others), I assume that ultimately Christians will not change. Unlike the Democratic Party.


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