Taken from my nursing student orientation manual: "Humans continuously interact with their environments in an attempt to maintain their biopsychosocialspiritual integrity."

Does this make anyone else want to vomit?

It gets worse. This comes directly from my first assigned textbook reading: "Throughout the pages of recorded history, nursing has been integrated into every facet of life. A legacy of human care was initiated when, according to the "Book of Exodus," two midwives, Shiphrah and Puah, rescued baby Moses and hid him to save his life. This legacy of caring has progressed throughout the years, responding to psychological, social, environmental, and physiological needs of society."

As if the vague and pretentious tone isn't bad enough, now our training is viewed in reference to bible stories?

The hardest thing about school will be listening to all the self-important emotional fodder. I'm going to write "Mouth Shut, Head Down" on my mirror so I don't forget.

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Orientation manuals are usually so hastily written they should really be named 'disorientation manuals'. Quick to read, quickier to forget.
The first excerpt is from orientation, the second is from a textbook. The good news is that the text chilled out some about god, and it's in APA style, so references for stuff is cited. I will certainly get through the program, it's just sad to have to pretend to be someone else - although I suppose that's a common tragedy.
Nice one! Thnx Jean!
Our profession USED to be a punishment?? What changed?......When?.......When I was in nursing school our A&P instructer was a rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth fundie nutcase who stood up in class every day and DS was god's blessing to normal mankind and a punishment to gays who deserved to die for their evil, sinful ways. It was a well-known fact that if you had ever been divorced, had a child out of wedlock or GASP....had an abortion....that the bitch would and had in past found some exdcuse to flunk you and/or run you completely out of nursing school. Don't ask how she got away with such outragious behavior.....I had enough problems back then.....I have no idea. She was a kidney transplant patient, so maybe she's had the good graces to croak since then. A truley poisionous person. I feally hope some one eventially had the balls to sue her fat ass. (Bitter?.......me?......dunno what your talken about!
You are both awesomely honest. So please tell me, what do I have to look forward to when I get into the field? What do you wish you had known when you were starting out?
Can't add a thing to this. JeanMarie is spot on. While you're in school, just sing the song and do the dance until you graduate. Once you get out into the real world you can decide on a speciality...find your niche...hope not fully regret spending all the money, sweat and tears it took to get you there.

.............and they wonder why there's a nursing shortage............
I haven't heard the "AIDS is Gawd's punishment" BS for a while, since the obvious counter got around: God must really like lesbians. Exclusively homosexual women contract STDs less frequently than heterosexual women (and much less frequently than men), because they tend to form stable, monogamous relationships. I'm lucky enough never to have been thrown into close, prolonged contact with a foaming-at-the-mouth fundiewhackazoid, because if I had, I would be serving jail time for battery.
How the fuck is that a real word? biopsychosocialspiritual
"Human beings are... individuals with intrinsic value and worth."

Another nursing school platitude. I can partly agree with what little sense that can be wrung from this sloppy, abstract, sentimental, puffy claptrap. Everyone is worth SOMETHING, but that lowest common denominator doesn't reach an ankle's depth.

A more apt statement would emphasize that a person's worth is the summation of achievement over the course of a lifetime. Most value is earned, not inherent.


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