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Hi folks. I recently went away for a few days and turned off emails from AN. When I started them back up again, I started getting emails saying people had replied to my discussions, but they're not conversations I started or am even participating in. Anyone else have this problem? Will it clear up on its own or do I have to muck with my email settings?

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What they might be are new discussions in groups you are subscribed to.  I get emails for those, myself.  If the volume of emails is more than you care to deal with, you can always click the "Stop Following" hot-link on the group and check that group for activity on your own and at your leisure.

Hello there Sarah. I have received emails like that myself. You can just stop following the discussion if you are getting too many emails.

My problem isn't with email volume. My problem is I get emails for discussions I didn't start and I'm not participating in addressed to me as if I started the discussion. I'm unwilling to turn off email notifications completely; I'd rather the moderators either advise me how to fix the problem myself or determine what's causing the problem on AN's side.


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