Atheism cannot spread as long as atheists, like us, just keep on persuading each other. We need to engage with and persuade the religious. To do that, we need to get their attention.

In the past, before mass entertainment religious ceremonies were the greatest, most spectacular entertainment, with (in the West) death by fire—auto-de-fe, witch-burning and crusades—probably the highest crowd generators. Second bests have been church music, church architecture and all types of church ceremonies and religious festivals. Going to confessions had been a great way of pressure relief—very similar to gossiping.

So what we need to do is to design attention getting and holding devices. Once armed with such we have to come out of our convenience bubble and create provocative (not aggressive) discussion groups among the religious. We should use this site as a brainstorming forum for creative start-upping such efforts and reporting successes and failures and seeking peer advice.

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More than a good point, booklover; good awareness of the subtleties of language.

I don't use the word in any way that requires upper-casing the first letter. I also don't remark on the universe's fitness for life.

One way to persuade others, especially the radicalized fundys, is to engage them in debate. An excellent place to do just that is at a debate site called It is a well run and fairly moderated debate site. There are a lot of atheists there. Many of them are scientists. I am a member and frequent the site often.

Thanks for telling us about that site Bob!  I am going to take a look.  It sounds really interesting!

Good! It's a place where you can "preach to the choir" in a literal sense. There are strictly enforced rules which are fair and which prevent the usual flame wars and personal attacks prevalent on other sites. Read the rules, and have at it! 


Sites like Atheist Nexus are invaluable for us to network and share ideas. Sites like debatingchristianity are invaluable as a medium for change. 

That's great that there are rules!  I can see conversations turning really nasty, really fast!  I don't know if I will feel comfortable joining-in, but I will definitely be reading!

AN is AWESOME.  It saves my sanity sometimes!


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