John J. Pershing

Quite a distinguished gentleman with quite an incredible career. One of only two people to have ever held the rank of General of the Armies of the United States - the other was George Washington, bestowed the honour only posthumously. I don't know all that much about Pershing and I have no doubt there is no shortage folks out there itching to cut him down to size with hearsay, anecdote and slur (Ralph, this is where you can chime in with one of your "provincial rednecks" rants and look stupid again). That is no concern of mine. What is however, is this snippet from an unknown journal, of unknown authenticity and unknown origin, yet with plenty of wisdom for our anti-terror warriors -

I have spent the best part of a day trying to track down the source of this with no luck. If anyone could enlighten me, it would be greatly appreciated. The folks at Snopes doubt the veracity of the story, yet don't dismiss it either - whether he merely threatened to do what is described or actually carried the act out is not known. It does have that unfortunate reek of raw Oath Keeper or misc. American patriot propaganda. But there does appear to be a grain of truth there somewhere and the basic fact remains is that he did stop the Philippines insurgents.

Regardless of authenticity, the only reason his methods aren't in use today is that they make too much sense - and would put all of the professional torturers and psy-ops folks that waste unknown billions of western defense budgets out of business. Folklore about the Israelis doing similar has also been floating around for years.

The only certainty we have at present is that what all of our western intelligence BigBrains are doing isn't working. Maybe it's time to try another angle...

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I know it is a variant on a theme. But I also think that mixing terrorist corpses with pig carcasses may sound outrageous according to our perverse interpretations of imaginary rights and wrongs, but compared with Guantanamo Bay or Abu Ghraib it is trivia and couldn't possibly have worse results than current anti-asshole methods.
These stories are as old as the Crusades. Whether they're true or propaganda, they never deterred Muslims for long.
Yes. But I am talking about elevating it from being merely stories to that of a common knowledge fact. Standard Operating Procedure. Open, matter of fact, this-is-what-we'll-do-to-you, guaranteed. We find your corpse Mohammed or Ali or Wazim and you will be hugging bacon when meet your maker. We'll even drone-drop photos in your village.
The account perhaps could have factual basis. The Moro Rebellion.


One of Davis' subordinates, Captain John J. Pershing, assigned to the American garrison at Iligan, set out to better relations with the Moros of the Malanao tribes on the northern shore of Lake Lanao. He successfully established friendly relations with Ahmai-Manibilang, the retired Sultan of Madaya. Although retired, Manibilang was the single most influential personage among the fragmented inhabitants of the northern shore of the lake. His alliance did much to secure American standing in the area.

Not all of Davis' subordinates were as diplomatic as Pershing. Many veterans of the Indian Wars took the "only good Indian is a dead Indian" mentality with them to the Philippines, and "civilize 'em with a Krag" became a similar catchphrase.[citation needed] Three ambushes of American troops by Moros, one of which involved juramentados, occurred to the south of Lake Lanao, outside of Manibilang's sphere of influence. These events prompted Maj. Gen. Adna R. Chaffee, the military governor of the Philippines, to issue a declaration on April 13, 1902, demanding that the offending datus hand over the killers of American troops and stolen government property.

A punitive expedition under Col. Frank Baldwin set out to settle matters with the south-shore Moros. Although an excellent officer, Baldwin was "eager," and a worried Davis joined the expedition as an observer. On May 2, 1902, Baldwin's expedition attacked a Moro cotta at the Battle of Pandapatan, also known as the Battle of Bayan. Pandapatan's defenses were unexpectedly strong, leading to 18 American casualties during the fighting. On the second day, the Americans used ladders and moat-bridging tools to break through the Moro fortifications, and a general slaughter of the defenders followed. This massacre illustrated a major difficulty the Americans would face time and again in their dealings with Moros—how to avoid killing them, a task made especially difficult by the Moro custom of taking their women and children with them into their cotta fortifications when danger threatened.


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