THe Nigerian president signed a new antigay law into place, there is a report of a gay purge.

"Dozens arrested"...  

LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) — Police, working off a list of 168 suspects purportedly obtained through torture, are arresting dozens of gay men in Nigeria's northern Bauchi state, human rights activists said Tuesday.

I don't know the veracity of the website.  The article has an AP byline.

On Monday, President Goodluck Jonathan's office confirmed that the Nigerian leader signed the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act that criminalizes gay marriage, gay organizations and anyone working with or promoting them.

In Bauchi state, police entrapped four gay men and tortured them into naming others, Aken'Ova said. She said the police have drawn up a list of 168 wanted gay men, of whom 38 have been arrested in recent weeks.

It is not an exaggeration to state that American Evangelicals support this law, and have lobbied for similar laws in Russia, parts of the former USSR, and Africa. 

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In the case of the Salem Witch Trials, the accusers and the community gained control of their property. Read the trial, first person, reports. Look at the maps of the land and property held by accused "witches" look at the maps after trials and executions! 

When I was in Salem, Mass. I read from the actual reports that were available at the museum there. I also read transcripts at the Mormon Family History Library in Salt Lake City. The evidence is clear. 

Salem Witchcraft Trials 1692

Family History Library Salt Lake City, Utah, Documents archive and transcripts Project 

Three Sovereigns for Sarah, this gives one a feel for the frame of mind of the time. 

I began my genealogy searches hoping to find ancestors who were principled, honorable, and worthy of knowing; I found notorious slave ship owners, bank robbers, horse thieves, and Salem puritan accusers and benefactors of witch trials. So much for worthy ancestors. I can say many were well known religionists. 


Dennis, it is worth a thought.  Certainly there must be many examples of false accusations resulting in power and money to the accusers.  

When Henry VIII had wives killed in the name of witchcraft and sex crimes and political crimes, he got to have new young wives to replace them.  And now, in N Korea, Kim Jong-Il just had his powerful uncle tried and killed for presumed crimes against the state, but more likely just to consolidate power.

Ditto for having his former girlfriend and friends shot in front of their families for supposed sex crimes.

For that matter, when I was harassed out of a workplace, it was via rumors and malicious gossip, all counter to the documented and real evidence.  At least I didn't get burned at the stake.

Burning at the stake is perceived as barbaric. "rumors and malicious gossip, all counter to the documented and real evidence" are the modern version of burning at the stake. You, dear friend, suffered by such tactics. It is fair and reasonable to expect you to rest in your present environment. We are here to support and defend all those who suffer under such tyranny. 

The good news is, you have your marriage to your life's love, your lovely home and little farm. Quite enough to keep you feeling cozy, comfortable, loved, cared for, and treasured by your community. 

Further events, bad.

Gay Nigerian man punished by whipping.  The article notes abuses are common, including lynchings.  

It's hard to keep track.  Looks like there are been more arrests.

"The law has brought widespread condemnation from abroad — including the U.S., Britain, Canada, the European Union and the United Nations. Banks called on the international community to intervene, and for world leaders to put pressure on Nigeria"


This just makes me sick! "widespread condemnation from": nations, banks, world leaders!

What about religious communities? The role of the church in colonizing Africa is pure barbarism. Think Belgian Congo, King Leopold and his henchmen missionaries. These institutions should have their feet held to the fire. 

The very thought of worshipping a god who historically enabled the colonization of peoples around the world, genocides, "re-schooling" as in USA mission schools. Disgraceful and we need to make this history public. Most religious don't even know their recent history, let alone the history of the old and new testament. 

Religion needs to be exposed to sunlight, transparency. 

LGBTQ can lead the way to the hypocrisy of religions. 

I think for the most part, the religious are either silent or supportive of these crimes  Especially in Africa and the US.  US hate-evangelists are culpable in spreading the abuse in Africa, Russia, and the former USSR.  


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