So a couple of weeks ago I attended WorldPride in Toronto with my boyfriend, I had actually went on holiday to Canada especially to experience such a thing and since Canada is one of them most accepting places for a 20 something gay guy and his boyfriend I was somewhat shocked to see this in Dundas Sq

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What incredible insanity!  He is the pervert!

How many of those is HE guilty of?! Probably not yoga new-aging or paganism, but he sure is supressing a lot of the rest IMO.....

One of my xtian co-workers (the most open-minded one) is eager to move up in the job world, and was looking into becoming a Freemason since so many presidents and successful men have been members. But his pastor disapproves.

I keep telling him, go for it! But he's convinced he'd be participating alongside satan worshippers since masons need to believe in a higher power- "ANY higher power, even satan!" I remind him, "First of all, what are the odds you'll actually meet a Satanist?! Second, Satanism isn't what you think it is- it's actually a lot more boring than you might think!"

But no. He remains in his cozy little rut. I'm convinced he's a cultural xtian mostly to make his mom happy, and to impress women.

Maybe so but Freemasonery isn't about Satanism. It initiates you into the "mysteries" and you end up more likely to believe that theism of any kind is not valid. I'm not a Mason, but the higher power you end up belieivng in is US. Masons know full well that we created god. That means we also created Satan, the devil, as well. Masons are not Satanists.

I will admit  Canada,  especially  Toronto,  is  quite  liberal and is comparable  to  San Francisco's  Castro  district...But lets  be real...In a free society you will always  find dissenters who  love  to instigate trouble  for mere  attention....My suggestion  is to either  ignore them  and  enjoy  yourself  or confront  them, which is your right, for  you will be  with  many  like minded  people and watch to see which side  wins....


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