FOX News: Jesus & Santa were both WHITE historical figures

so get over it!


Megyn Kelly, FOX Common-tater (that's a potato that's not special), FOX's version of historian and theologian, tells us, "Jesus was a historical figure, and so was Santa.  And they were white".


Take that!  you liberals who want to change Santa's race because of your mamby pamby racial political correctness.

Of course, if there was a historical Jesus - arguable - then he most likely looked like other historical Jews of the time. Although, he was only half-Jewish. Who knows what was the race of the holy ghost who inseminated Mary. Could have been anything.

As for Santa.... living on the North Pole and all, and being from Europe, maybe he's Sami? Which does sort of mean Santa is white. I could not find a historical reference telling me Santa really exists though. Megyn Kelly probably has some inside info that us mere mortals don't comprehend.

Forgot to add, this was via Hemant Mehta's Friendly Atheist website, via an RSS reader

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i linked to it previously on this thread.  if you missed Jimmy Kimmel's bit on this i linked to that as well.  check page 1.

Dammit. I was gonna say Stewart told the financial wizard at Faux News that he didn't come to the Faux news station and slap Jamie Diamonds dick out of the newsmans mouth.

Wait, is this saying she believes Santa exists? I thought adults don't believe in Santa...:P

I don't think she's the brightest bulb on the Xmas light chain.

Latest salvo in the Xmas "race wars" - teacher tells black student to take of his Santa hat,he cant be Santa because he's not white!

Why are people so worked up about the ethnicity of a fictional character?   Why can't "he" be whatever makes us feel good?  For that matter, why can't Santa be a woman?  Gay?  Anything we want?  

all this Fox Noise is having some real world effects - and they ain't good.  yesterday i read a story about a Salvation Army bell ringer who was confronted after saying "happy holidays" to passerby's.  the woman asked her "do you believe in God....we say Merry Christmas" before punching her in the arm. 

I tried to embed Kelly's rebuttal to all of the ridicule she got, but the link doesn't work.  It looks like she's loving the attention.

I guess people just have to get worked up about SOMETHING.   It's too bad they don't devote the energy to something useful.

in typical Xtian fashion, she's playing the victim card.  in her mind, she's not getting attention for saying something stupid, she's getting attention b/c people are jealous of Fox and her ratings.  funny thing is, the attention she is getting is in the form of mockery.  you'd think that would embarrass her.  you'd think...

I think she takes it all as a compliment. Afterall, everybody knows that both jesus and santa are hysterical figures!

This Merry Xmas crap is getting on my last nerve.  You should see the signs posted all over this tiny,redneck, town.  I say Happy Holidays just to piss them off.  Works everytime.

update on this side-story:

Christopher was "ashamed and embarrassed" in front of his classmates and his Christmas spirit was crushed — he "no longer wants to decorate the tree," his father says — but the racial integrity of a fictional children's character had been protected. And that, in the end, is what Christmas is all about. 

"Why are people so worked up about the ethnicity of a fictional character?   Why can't "he" be whatever makes us feel good?  For that matter, why can't Santa be a woman?  Gay?  Anything we want?"

Well, that's just one of the many ways Kelly and Fox went wrong. The whole Santa Clause concept is on shakey legs to begin with. In an increasingly diverse world, how, or why, do you push to make a fictional character anything in particular? Given the connection between Santa Clause and Jesus Christ is so...tenuous, why even make the connection.

I think some bright program director decided they could once again take a subject, puke their political ideology all over it and increase ratings. They chose...poorly, although I doubt they'll really pay much of a longterm penalty.

I sometimes wonder how the Fox hosts think. I believe most of them are reasonably intelligent people, some more than others. Unfortunately, a few of them really believe what they're spewing. Others, I'm convinced, have sacrificed their logic to their ideology to increase their base. How many have sacrificed both their brains and their self respect for a huge paycheck is what I'd like to know. I sometimes put Kelly in this slot.


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