Hannity is so arrogant and tries to describe what he thinks about Atheism.
Silverman does such a good job on the show.

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Hannity is a blowhard ... and one of these days, I wouldn't be at all surprised if someone pulled a Buzz Aldrin on him!

Definition needed. What is a "Buzz Aldrin"? other than an astronaut? Google Buzz Aldren ...

Oh! he punches out idiots. Good for him. So, you are saying Hannity could have someone like Buss confront him?! Oh great! that would be fun to watch. I didn't think he would get that close to a Buzz-like person. Does he always keep his desk between himself and his guests? 

Gives new meaning to Ralph Kramden's old line:

To da MOON, Alice!

"happy holidays, Sean".  nice jab there at the end by Silverman.

Hannity has typical preconceived notions about what all atheists must be about.  it's like he pulls his material from the comments section at The Blaze.

I recently had a discussion about the Big Bang theory (not the TV show) with the Christian. They brought up the Hannity argument so you believe something came from nothing. I said no. My answer is I don't know what happened there some speculation by very learned scientists, cosmologists, etc. and they think all that complicated stuff like singularities, black holes, string theory. So I said to him what do you think happened in the beginning. And of course I got the stock answer God. So I asked where did God come from? Did he have a mother and father? The answer of course was he is eternal. He always will be and always shall be. So I said to him, you really don't know the answer, do you? So instead of asking questions or saying I don't know all you are really doing is copying and something that somebody who didn't have an answer and didn't feel like asking questions and made shit up.

Having seen Hannity and his ilk control the conversation. My question is, though we are trying to get the message out is the American public smart enough to understand it? I truly feel for the closet atheists having been there. As a white American male Hannity and his cronies don't have a clue.

Good for you, Ronin, for standing up for your logical beliefs.

Thank you Dennis.

Ronin, you response of a question to a question is good. They have no answer that is any better than the ones currently told by scientists. So, he and christians make up a story, and stand by it. If they can do it, why can't non-believers?

However, there is an answer that is coming to be shared by more astrophysicists. What came before the Big Bang? Nothing! The Big Bang produced time/energy/matter. Before the event, there was no time, there was no energy, there was no matter. In quantum physics, at least if I understand what physicists say, something comes from nothing many times in the various processes of quantum physics.  Just because we can't see what happens at that level, doesn't mean there isn't something happening. 

Krauss-Dawkins: Something from Nothing is Counter-Intuitive

They talk about something coming from nothing, which doesn't seem right to me, given what I understand the definition of nothing to be.  However, they sometimes seem to indicate that science has changed the definition of nothing.  That it now means a bubbling cauldron of particles, or particles popping in and out of existence.  Those ideas I can understand, at least to some extent.

Will someone correct me where I'm wrong in my thinking?

It isn't that science has changed the definition of "nothing;" it's that they've discovered that "empty space" has PROPERTIES that belie the idea that such space is completely without properties.  I'm an engineer, and that concept was more than a bit radical to me, though I've also been aware of the concept of "virtual photons," which are a known quantity and responsible for the phenomenon of "spontaneous emission" of photons when an atom is in a non-ground-state. 

Apparently, there's more to empty space than just virtual photons!  Neat, huh?

Thanks Loren.  So is it correct to say the Big Bang came from "empty space", not "nothing"?

Yes, it is neat.  So, what we used to call "empty space" is not empty at all.


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