My mother constantly posts things on Facebook that she directs at me or tries to include me in that have to do with how great she thinks Fox News is and how evil all other news is. I have tried voicing my opinion that I do NOT like Fox News because I find them to be biased and bigoted. However, she is in far too deep. She is one of those conspiracy theorist tea party loving people. Completely brainwashed.

I honestly cannot stand hearing about it anymore. She is not willing to listen to my side, so why should I listen to hers? She is trying to argue, not debate. She comes off as very condescending, telling me I am wrong about everything, and mocking me for being an atheist.

Most of the rest of my family doesn't have FB, thankfully, except my brother. He likes to get into arguments just as much. He also openly admits to breaking gun laws and how he thinks the government is coming for him. He thinks anyone who thinks differently is just uneducated and beneath him.

I really don't know what to do. Sure, they are family, but I am tired of the disrespect.

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Kelly, I've dropped on facebook my brother because of an issue like this. You are not obligated to be her friend on facebook. You could always shoot a warning shot over her head: "if you don't stop sending me fox news crap, I will unfriend you on facebook." Or you could just unfriend her (and your brother as well). Or block them.

I go on facebook to catch up with friends and family that I'm interested in. Some of them are mind-bogglingly conspiracy-theorist jesusloving crazy wingnuts, but don't pester me personally with their crap, so I just scroll over and move on.


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