For those that can't get enough of hair-splitting atheism definitions

Initial Speculations On Pagan Atheism

Earlier this week I was down visiting Pagan friends in the Bay Area. Our conversation ranged over a lot of topics, as it always does. This time we ended up discussing a discovery that had surprised a close friend when he discovered it. It surprised me as well when he told me the story. That surprise was there were a significant number of Pagans who describe themselves as atheists. [...]

And so it waffles and even attempts to explain to us ignorant once-borns what atheism is. I can't even be bothered getting angry at this type of nonsense anymore, but I thought I'd post this article for those that keep a catalogue.

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You can be atheist and believe all sorts of woo, so long as it doesn't involve an imaginary superior being. A person can be atheist and still believe in all sorts of "spiritual" bullshit. Thankfully however, most atheists are rational human beings.


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