Five Reasons to Doubt Jesus Christ Ever Existed: Arm at All Points!

"A growing number of scholars are openly questioning or actively arguing against Jesus’ historicity. Since many people, both Christian and not, find it surprising that this debate even exists—that credible scholars might think Jesus never existed—here are some of the key points that keep the doubts alive:

"1. No first century secular evidence whatsoever exists to support the actuality of Yeshua ben Yosef [one of the names by which Jesus was known] In the words of Bart Ehrman: “What sorts of things do pagan authors from the time of Jesus have to say about him? Nothing. As odd as it may seem, there is no mention of Jesus at all by any of his pagan contemporaries…

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The evidence is piling up, and from even those who have been religious, i.e. Charles Templeton, Marjoe Gortner, James Baldwin, Dan Barker, Hector Avalos, John Loftus, Robert M. Price, and Bart Ehrman, to name only a few. Their conversion to atheism seemed to occur when they read the bible and questioned its validity. 

Hector Avalos presented me with a convincing bit of evidence when he showed a picture of the generally accepted bit of evidence as the earliest record of a canonical New Testament text. The estimated date of this parchment has been estimated to be around 100 CE, however, other dates range into the second half of the 2nd century, and even into the 3rd century. In any event, The earliest writings about the times of Jesus did not occur at the time of his life, but a century or more after his death, if he actually existed at all. 

Avalos' "Earliest Actual Evidence" is at 32:27 in the video, Hector Avalos: How Archaeology Killed Biblical History - Part 1 of 2


Joan thank you for posting the video and info. i admire and like Avalos. Minnesota Atheists's podcasts and videos are among my favorites. Thoughtful and interesting.


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