Partly because I'm sick of repeating them, but mostly to live up to my reputation as an arrogant, in-your-face doo-doo head, I present Felch's Laws -

1. "Atheist" and "stupid" are not mutually exclusive

2. Conspiracy = religion - god

3. You have no right to deride theism if you believe in unsubstantiated gibberish of your own

3 is necessitated by the failures of 1 and 2. Those that grow tired over nitpicking about Nexus' myriad shortcomings can get good discount holidays here.

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I'm a felch groupie!
Me too - and I'm meeting him in Melbourne in two months! It's like having a date with Elvis! (OK, Elvis is dead, but you know what I mean ....)
Oh, crap, Alert the Media!!! Felch Grogan is starting a CULT on A|N!!! You heard it here FIRST!!!!!

I just wonder when/by whom the first schism will occur. Anyone in for bets?
You Pangroganists are such counter-evolutionaries!
I think these rules represent a well defined brand that doesn't, necessarily, become a stultifying ideology. In fact, rule three identifies a condition whereupon the pot calling the kettle black is made transparent while, simultaneously implying the distinction or qualification for derision - consistency of method in identifying woo woo. A3 atheists are equal opportunity deriders. Seems only fair to me.


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