i started to read this essay thinking that it would be mostly BS.  i mean, facism, today?  i was sure the analogy would be a reach.  then i kept reading, and kept nodding, and it never got far fetched. 

my question, is he right, or is this confirmation bias?

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i saw it, yes it was about Norquist.  and yes it is disturbing.  in that piece he admitted that he came up with his idea for Republicans being the "no tax increase ever party" when he was 13 years old!  how perfect is that?! 

this needs to be shared:

“We will preserve for our children this last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness.”

the Norris' definitely see the Boogeyman.

I want to know what qualifies Norris to opine in any kind of expert capacity on the current state of American politics.  Certainly, he has a right to free speech and to hold forth as he sees fit, but any claim of expertise he might have is questionable at best.  He is a competent martial artist and an utterly mediocre actor.  What other bona fides he might have are a mystery to me, as well as to anyone else who might inquire as to such.

Obviously, he has his celebrity.  So does Britney Spears, and I'll listen to her POV or Norris' about the same time I listen to Bill O'Reilly's.

Holy shit, if Obama wins again we'll be plunged into a thousand years of darkness.  Thanks for posting this link.  For God and country.  Chuck Norris is quite an intellectual guru, you know.  See you at the polls so we can cast our votes for Christ. 



this needs to go viral!  maybe if the true craziness of these folks gets exposed something will click with the American people.  who would want to be associated with Chuck Norris, Clint Eastwood, Ted Nugent, and Hank Williams Jr?  besides Christians, that it. 

Did you see where Alec Baldwin described Hank Williams Jr. as a "pathetic, wheezing, fossil"?  Good description.  Ted Nugent is f---ed-up, and Chuck Norris is an assh---.  Clint Eastwood is an old moron.  All great role-models for xtians. ;)

nice job Alec!  agreed completely Melinda.

The shame is that I have enjoyed Eastwood's film work to this point, but this business at the RNC did him no favors in my eyes at all.  I don't know what he sought to achieve with that stunt, but I have to believe that, in the long haul, it will do him no favors and indeed, a considerable discredit to him and his image.

Loren, here’s a good one on Eastwood if you remember it.  At the end of his big hit, Gran Torino, he plays an aging Korean War vet who was dying of kidney disease (I think it was.)  So rather than face the surgeon’s scalpel, he decides to play the martyr and tricks a gang of hoodlums into shooting him.  Which they do, only to get arrested for murder forthwith. 


In the very last shot, Eastwood lies dead on the lawn, blown away, but in the exact same posture as the crucified Christ with arms extended. Much like the Tim Tebow shot in GQ Magazine that we talked about. 


You should all be touched by this and start thinking about returning to Christ.



"You should all be touched by this and start thinking about returning to Christ."

Okay!  Where the hell is he? ;)

He's in your heart.  He likes to hang out in the right ventricle so Republicans can find him easy.



My husband and  I have always enjoyed Eastwood's movies as well Loren.  I won't watch them anymore now.  We were really disappointed with his little stunt or whatever the hell it was.


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