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Do male atheists tend toward some sort of facial hair (mustache, beard, etc.) more than christians? I'm seeing a lot of facial hair in here. Or do men with facial hair respond more to this type of discussion?

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None for me thanks. I used to do the "goat" thing but once it came in grey I looked 20 years older. Brown hair with a completely grey beard is a disturbing look.
I'm sure there's a genetic link between facial hair lack of religious belief!!
I don't know about most christians but the orthodox set has full beard and moustache
As for relations, there are closer ones to lazyness (a shave every morning ? brrrr) or to vanity (a lot of men are thinking about their facial hair as a sign of manhood) than to religion...
On the other side, there are some rules about mens facial hair in some religions - orthodox jews mustn´t shave or cut their hair, muslim men don´t shave too often, `cause the prophet says, that it´s more important to pray to Allah, than to shave, and a proper muslim is only allowed to wear a full beard, if he´s done his "haddsch" already, the sikkhs dont cut their hair, and so on...

I for myself, as an Atheist, am simply lazy, so the beard grows for a while (usually a year or so), then I go for the barber to be shaved completely, or till some girlfriend marks me "to scratchy"...


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