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Do male atheists tend toward some sort of facial hair (mustache, beard, etc.) more than christians? I'm seeing a lot of facial hair in here. Or do men with facial hair respond more to this type of discussion?

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As can be seen in my profile pic, I am a beardy.

Growing the beard has nothing to do with my atheism, though it may, in a small way, have something to do my freethinking attitude. I've wanted a beard since my teens, but could never grow an at least minorly adequate one until my 30s. It looks decent enough under normal conditions, but flash photography reveals just how sparse the facial hair really is. Flash photography to my beard is like garlic to the vampire. Run away! Run away!

I think the major influence on my desire to be beardy is that when I was young the significant males in my life sported beards: my father, my godfather and two uncles; the boy wanting to emulate his elders. All but one those elders has now shawn the beard.

The other reason I grow a beard is to buck the trend. Clean-shaven is still the norm, and facial hair, particularly the full beard, is still the aberation. Just my little way of signifying that I'm not going to follow the cultural standard because it is the standard.

And then there is the laziness factor. I really just can't be arsed shaving!

But as to question posed in the OP, I suppose there is a stereotype of the bearded atheist male, but I wonder if it is just confirmation bias in observations: the beardies stand out because we notice the stereotype.
beards are best.
yes hair is best SPF of all time (especially having genes of the Irish/Spani nature)
besides who the fug wants to fund Gillette or whatever mega-church-connected-metrosexual pastor having corporation? I see the troops in afgahnland growing it out to blend and keep the frostbite off yet in Iraq land they always seem greenzone shaved; lame IMHO, why not grow the beards out and color them red white and blue; fk it.

I just shave my neck from time 2 time

grows right back like grass
go figure; all the fickle folks poo poo the beard thanks to the bush war propaganda.
cracks me up how it's OK for the orthodox only to grow it out; screw that, I'm a citizen I have the right to fight fear of the 'look'.
I have a total love/hate relationship with my hair.

I drift between Albert Einstein/Mr Clean up top and goatee/babyface below the eyes and above the neck. It has nothing to do with my beliefs and everything to do with the weather. If it gets to hot I shave it all off, and as it starts to get colder I let it fill out. Alas since I have begun to go white the facial hair aspect has lost some appeal to me since it's not as a pronounced effect as it once was.
Smart people have facial hair
Should I shave or should I grow (na na na na na na na na)
Should I shave or should I grow (na na na na na na na na)
If I shave there will be trouble....
If I don't there will be stubble.
So you've got to let me know:
Should I shave or should I grow?
It's always tweeze, tweeze, tweeze (na na na na na na na na)
And then it grows behind your knees (na na na na na na na na)
It now is gray what once was black (na na na na na na na na)
Never mind what's on my back (na na na na na na na na)
So c'mon and let me know:
Should I shave or should I grow?
Atheists are just more rugged individuals.

I'm a strict vegan, no receding hairline and no facial hair. I've noticed, within the atheist community, that there appears to be a small percentage of people over 50 that choose to grow beards and mustaches, but that's about the same percentage as people that are Christians and Jews.
Is the veganism the reason there is no receding hairline and no facial hair? Why would that be?

As for the "people over 50", I imagine that you mean men over 50, since even fewer women atheists wear beards and moustaches than men - not unheard of, but rare. I guess I was old before my time, I've worn a beard since about 21.

That's a question I can't answer on my own. I do believe that Dr. Neil Barnard, M.D. did a study on vegans and non-vegans to determine if there was any correlation between diet and hair loss and the outcome did determine that men and women that are vegan experience little to no hair loss versus omnivores. If you're interested you could probably do a search on it. I do have a background in nutrition but I've never bothered to research this issue because I don't have a problem.
I don't like facial hair on myself.I shave when I start to get any.It makes me feel itchy.
There's no correlation.

If you look at the "Four Horsemen" --- only 1 of them sports a beard consistently. Hitchens now and again, and I've never seen Harris nor Dawkins with a beard.

Facial hair looks great on some men and silly on others. I wear facial hair sometimes and shave at other times.

Again... no correlation.


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