Hey, Eric here in Alabama. My facebook is blowing up with hillbillies disparaging the election. There is clearly a decline in morality and intelligence across America. It is freaking hilarious reading. Hope you guys are seeing some funny stuff, too. haha

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Yep - all the haters are out now - posting on Facebook.

The fact that President Obama won actually restored in me a little bit of hope for the US.  I truly thought Romney was going to be able to buy the White House.

There are people here still trying to get a Romney win somehow! hahahaha. One of them said we should abolish the electoral college (which I have always wanted to do BTW). I said "OK but the president still won the popular vote". Dude was fuming (he's a preacher, too. And a huge liar) haha


I sat up watching the US Presidential Election not out of any great interest in US politics but out of curiosity and a touch of fear. Being a shift worker looking after the UK's nuclear deterrent I have an interest in who has their finger on the button, I also get to watch PBS regularly and just recently watched a history of the Mormons which to be blunt made my blood run cold, more so when I found out that Mitt was a Mormon, My first thoughts were 'are they really going to put a Mormon in the White House'  At 4:30 GMT I sighed with great relief and went to bed, What with your Tea Party, Christian Fundies and Mormons please stop frightening the rest of the World.  

Jimmy, I hope you never have to do anything on your job! Mormonism- a christianity sundae with extra nuts.


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