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Booklover wrote:

>>I'm sorry you were homeless for eleven years James Kz!  I can't even imagine. After I read your post I realized their religion is even sicker than I thought!

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Yup, the Bible is the best source document to create atheists, properly read and understood.

As for my homelessness, that which does not kill you makes you stronger. Moreover, by an unlikely set of circumstances, had I not been homeless, I would not have met my wife on the Internet (a long tortuous trail that lead to her). So all bad things come to an end, in this case a good one.

As for the billboards, Christians do not view it as vandalism; moreover, they have precedent in the New Testament (Jesus turning over the moneychangers' tables and attacking them with a scourge). The Bible teaches that vandalism and violence (even in the NT) are acceptable, as Jesus himself did it.

James Kz, I am glad your homelessness led to you finding your wife!  I totally agree about reading the bible being the best way to create Atheists.  Unfortunately, many people read it, and still believe.  That is beyond my comprehension.  How someone can read it, and twist it in their mind to make it still something they believe is good is extremely twisted.


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