I started thinking about this a little while ago.  I remembered that when I was with my ex, how he used to get so incredibly insulted that I would even fathom the possibility that we evolved from primates.  His angered, albeit entertaining defense was, "I am not a monkey!".  I don't know that that defense really had anything to do with his religious beliefs, I think that in his mind, if the evidence turned out to be irrefutable (in his opinion, not mine), that it somehow makes him less than human, less than a man.  What is everyone else's take on this?  Have you ever met someone who was so insulted by this?

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Man made god in his image, that's for sure.  Why do men have nipples? lol

I have asked that since very young.  It seems obvious that if one gender existed before the other, it wasn't the male.

Hadn't thought of that before.  Another good point against creationism.

The part that gets me is how obviously empty it is.  "It's not true because I don't like it!"  God, if that worked, there would be no more rape, drug abuse, domestic abuse, war, poverty, starvation, riots, military governments, theistic governments, etc... because I don't like all of those things, either.

I think the primates should be insulted to be compared to some humans. ;)

I think I recall Ted Haggard flipping out on Dawkins for suggesting that he had primate descendents

Yes, his descendants = his children, grandchildren, etc. ARE primates.  

Yes, his descendants = his children, grandchildren, etc. ARE primates.  Though, I think he may have meant, his ancestors, not his descendants.

Yes, indeed. I typed fast and wasn't thinking - I mean to type antecedents

No, I am not insulted by being informed that we, human primates, are descended from earlier primates.  I also feel that I understand the reason for this emotional rejection of our inclusion in this group of animals.  It is the scorn felt for other animals.   It is species-ism.     

Buddies, you all know that we ARE primates don't you?

It appears like a variety of narcissistic slight....  

Since I am sharing my own ancestors about 6 million years ago with today's chimpanzees, this is a reason to be proud of their success in evolving.  


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