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awesome finds Mel!  keep em coming!

Thanks Matt!!! :)

perfect!  did you see my recent post on Wolf Blitzer interviewing an Atheist?

totally made my day!

I did see that Matt!  Thanks for posting it!  Awesome woman to say that on National television! Esp. in what I assume is a very xtian town.  I no longer like Wolf Blitzer. I was thinking of that interview when I posted this last picture.~ Mel

I saw that Matthew - thanks! I was so proud of her!

Now I know why I always get dirty looks when I dance.  I've been using the length of the World's Smallest Bible as a measuring guide.  There's not much room for the Holy Spirit, especially when I'm excited. 


LOL Carl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :D

Terrific ... I have a SWELL theme park I'd like to sell you, then.  Only problem is: it's a real Mickey Mouse operation...!

I know you were kidding ... that's why I'm gonna give you a REAL GOOD PRICE for it!

Thank you booklover for posting that.
Nice post book lover!!


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