Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able ? Then he is not omnipotent.

Is he able, but not willing ? Then he is malevolent.

Is he both willing and able ? Then whence cometh evil ?

Is he neither able nor willing ? Then why call him God ?


Any thoughts ?

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Epicurus is totally mah bro. And that riddle is one of the main things that supports my atheism.


There is simply no countering Epicurus' riddle. It demolishes the argument of an omnipotent and omnibenevolent God.

On the Atheist Forums at, I encountered a theist that tried. He claimed that God is both willing and able, and does protect True Believers from evil. I said, then why are do pedophiles in the Catholic Church take advantage of alter boys? He said the alter boys were not true believers. I then said, what of a murderer who truly believes in god versus a nonbeliever who has done no one harm? He said God favors those who love them. At this point, I thought it was clear that his God was not fair or benevolent.

So I suppose the altar boys don't REALLY love god, eh?  And that gets them buggered and messed up and the whole deal.  Some loving god!  I'll do without, thanks.

futilethewinds, I have not met you yet. Hello! Thanks for your comment on Epicurus. 

This is for Joan and Sentient Biped: 

You both are awesome, strong, and noble. You have my deepest respect. I wish you both long life.

Anthony, you are too kind.  And I'm glad you are here.  You add a great deal to the conversation, thank you.

Thank you Anthony. You and the members of Atheist Nexus provide many opportunities to think as life presents its challenges.I am glad you join us. 

Yes Joan. Dicky Dawkins is spot on. he must have read it too, unlike many die hard theists who haven't even read their own bibles. Though I'll stick to Malevolent, Narcissistic Megalomaniac, which covers it pretty well and reduces the likelihood of RSI.

Sorry, I need a definition, please. 


Repetitive strain injuries

Relative Strength Index

Research Science Institute 

Review of Scientific Instruments

Railway Supply Institute

Restaurant Services, Inc.

RSI Bank

Residential Services Inc.

LOL Joan, Railway Supply Institute of the wrist of course!


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