Enough already - take down the Brother Richard article from the banner

simple request - there are lots of good posts by members here.  i liked the Brother Richard piece, although i'd prefer just to call you Richard.  but it's time to take that months old post on Michael Sams down from the head of the page.  so please, whoever runs this site, ditch that.  i'm all for LGBT rights, but that's not the most important thing happening in the secular world right now.  they are winning their battle.  we're still terribly behind in ours.  maybe put a well written Hobby Lobby article, or something from the Satanists who are carrying us on their backs in it's place.  perhaps adding an atheist article per day on top of the page would help drive discussion.  i'm just spitballing here but i think there are ways we could improve the user experience here at A/N.  it seems like the admin is asleep at the wheel.    

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- I agree, no reason to have that particular link up there forever.  There are plenty of good opinions expressed here.

- I agree, no reason to have that particular picture there forever, though it is a good moment.

- On the issue of "Brother" Richard, I watched the video some time ago where he talks with the other former preacher-type, and I didn't have a problem with him being called "Brother", I took it to mean something either ironic, or in-line with the idea of not throwing the baby out with the bathwater (just because you leave Theism doesn't necessarily mean you throw away the idea of being a community-minded person and a leader for some purposes.)

I have to agree. There have been a number of times lately that I have found myself annoyed with having that picture flashed in my face every time I open AN, and I thought 'does that make me homophobic?' I then realize that I would be equally annoyed with a picture of heterosexual PDA if exposed to it every time I open this site. That part of the site should update on a much more frequent basis.
I sent a report an issue link on this with some suggestions. Not the nom de nexus,but the headliner article.

I confess to being a Victorian prude,

however, I have seen enough of kissing men, and kissing women, and kissing men and women for a lifetime. I am more interested in how people think and what people think. It is in challenging fallacies that we get closer to dealing with real problems with real solutions. 

There are family and friends I am trying to influence to see non-belief as an option. I can't fight that battle and homophobia at the same time. Let the LGBTQ fight their battle and I will join in support of them. I certainly do not expect them to take on non-belief as a cause. 

Please replace the kissers with Secular meditations, Freethought quotes, or Brights principles. Anything but what is there now. 

Joan Denoo

Hear hear, Joan! Not a fan of public displays of affection by anyone, other than maybe holding hands. I don't consider myself a prude, but I think some things should still be private.

I don't know what kind of prude I am, but I agree Joan.  I don't enjoy seeing sexual kissing by any gender.  That picture has been annoying me since it was put-up.

I was grateful for the call-out on this topic, and the header.  I won't get into a debate about whether the same displays of affection are tolerated or displayed in a variety of settings. Amy Kushnir's hypocrisy, that she would be worked up and condemn what was a brief expression of affection, on the one hand, but happily cavort on air with male strippers, on the other, was the point.

I don't have any say whatsoever in what goes on the banner, and as a result of this discussion sent a report an issue to Richard.  I'm sure he will respond when he gets a chance.  I'm personally very shy and avoid attention.

Im sure the header will change soon.  The same header for a period of time does get old.

Meanwhile as I am type this, there is that ad for "Sex and God" with a topless female torso, on the right.  That's SEX and god, not a simple kiss in a moment of  high emotion.    I know that is not the site header, but it is right there on this screen as I type, and the header us not.  I don't mind a bit.  But...  I guess it's the torso and big SEX is OK since it's not a public display of attention?

I'm here for the sense of community, but I disagree with the obsession over the header, while mum on the book ad.  It feels...  well, I wont say,

Not noticed:


honestly, SB, i never notice the ads.  on any site.  every so often i'm reminded that ads exist and then i notice for about a minute.  somehow i just naturally block them out.  even after typing this i'll go right back to not noticing them.  

but the Brother Richard post has been a featured item for months now.  i hope you hear back from him or site admin.  keep us updated.  

The book ad has been there longer. 

I believe 99% of people here are very supportive of LGBT rights and equality.   More so than anywhere else.

Maybe it's at a subconscious level, people are just so accustomed to sexual objectivization of women and sexual depiction to sell a book...  about sex...  which is a good book I read it, Im not complaining about that...  but not a nonsexual display of affection.  The complaint is about the 2 men kissing, but not about the woman being lifted by 2 shirtless male strippers.  OK, the photo inset is smaller......

What other headers have people commented on getting old?  it's only this one that I'm aware I have ever seen a complaint about.  And I've been on Nexus for...  8 years maybe?

Again, I sent in the comments.  Did anyone else here do that, or just want to complain about this one, now, because it's this one, now?

hey, i started the conversation.  do i have to do everything?  :)

this is the first time i've noticed a header even being a conversation starter.  i didn't mention it b/c the LGBT thing bothered me but b/c we have so much good content from other users that could be featured posts for a week or two.  i think it would improve the user experience

Although  most of us support  LGBT rights, this  really is not  a site  for  that issue  exclusively...Any  new member  might get the impression that this is a Gay  site, since  it  seems to be  permanent ...Maybe  we should  alternate  main topics with pictures  representing them  on a monthly  basis....That seems  fair. 

I don't like to see public displays of affection/sex/stripping/nudity/gluttony/fighting/bloodshed, etc., but personally I get bored really quickly & change the screensavers & wallpaper on my computers, cell phone, & anything else I can change on a very regular basis! There should be much more variety here when I'm visiting so many times per day.


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