Enough already - take down the Brother Richard article from the banner

simple request - there are lots of good posts by members here.  i liked the Brother Richard piece, although i'd prefer just to call you Richard.  but it's time to take that months old post on Michael Sams down from the head of the page.  so please, whoever runs this site, ditch that.  i'm all for LGBT rights, but that's not the most important thing happening in the secular world right now.  they are winning their battle.  we're still terribly behind in ours.  maybe put a well written Hobby Lobby article, or something from the Satanists who are carrying us on their backs in it's place.  perhaps adding an atheist article per day on top of the page would help drive discussion.  i'm just spitballing here but i think there are ways we could improve the user experience here at A/N.  it seems like the admin is asleep at the wheel.    

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Sounds good to me, Matthew!

I mentioned awhile back that the ''brother'' part of brother Richard put me off joining A/N & I had to think about it for awhile before doing so. Brother & sister are too much a part of mormonism, as well as others, for comfort.

lol Pat, i almost expounded upon the whole "brother" thing but decided to pass.  i kind of get it, i guess.  he was a pastor.  anyway glad you joined :)

Thanks Matthew.

I just think the operative word here is WAS a pastor, so why still retain the brother part of it?

I never want to be referred to as an ex moron, I'd rather be called atheist, non-believer, grouch, old bat, anything but ''ex sister J----''.

I like your idea,Matthew, and the term "spitball"! I agree, homosexuality is not our only concern and your idea of something about Hobby Lobby is appropriate for now. An atheist article a day, or a secular positive thought of the day, would work for me. 

The "brother" part of Roberts name makes me think of southern rednecks. 

Ooppss! that should be Richard, not Robert!

Agreed, matthew. Your suggestion reminds me of a spot Garrison Keilor does on NPR in the morning. Keilor features an author, and quotes prose or poetry. Kind of a thought for the day. Same thing could be done here. A link or quote from Robert Ingersoll, Mark Twain, Darwin, Spinoza, H.L. Mencken, etc.

And, I agree with you, Patricia and Joan about the 'brother' title. Doesn't do squat for me.

Pat, your mentioning NPR reminded me of a joke I made the other day...  My husband said "I was listening to something on NPR,...", and I said, "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!"  lol   groan!  Well, my daughter and I thought it was funny ! ;)

Actually, it is funny. My favorite program on NPR.

Brother Richard is called "brother" because he was once a theistic minister. No longer theistic he has kept the name "brother" for identity purposes. He is still a minister.

Agreed that the Michael Sams pic ought to be taken down but please don't replace it with anything from the Satanists. As a former theist myself, I protest that we cannot believe in Satan if we do not believe in god. Like they sort of come out of the same book, you know. You cannot cherry pick religion.

I don't know much about Satanists, but I tend to agree with you.  The word satanist turns me off just like the word brother.

Funny that I was thinking the same thing when I came to the site a day or two ago and then a few minutes ago- saw your post and have to agree!  

Now that you mention  it....Ever since  I have joined  A/N every day I sign on there it is....I was beginning  to think it was permanent.....Honestly  I would not miss it  if it were  to be taken down.. 


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