One facet of non-belief still leaves me puzzled. No one has discussed this before, at least I have not seen it. The two terrifying aspects of the universe. What if there is absolutely no end to it, the other being, what if there IS an end. I find no problem wrapping my mind around there is no Theist God, all the evidence is there. But how can we, at our un-evolved state, grasp the immensity of a non-ending, or ending universe without clinging to inbred superstitious awe of some immense other power or force. I wldome your comments and advice.

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The trouble I see with the Membrane Theory is that the common suggestion is that outside the universe there are no physical dimensions, so how would two membranes close the distance to each other when the notion of distance does not even exist outside those membranes?
Beyond that, there's no way to know whether there's actually another one out there to begin with, or whether the touching of the membranes would restart the cycle or simply fuse the universes together (which could of course be fairly cataclysmic on its own)..

My view remains with that the universe will either run out of energy to support its own structure, or not have enough expansional energy to grow beyond its critical size within which it will eventually collapse back onto itself due to the mass contained within.

Come to think of it, it might also be expanding like a gas in a vacuum, dissipating into the void, which would explain the suggested accelerated expansion and will probably eventually tear apart the fabric of existence, or perhaps split it into a multitude of sub-universe bubbles. Hah. That'd be interesting.. Not very good for its contents, though..
Does awe need to be connected to superstition?


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