I thought I had better post this just in case, for the friends I have made here. When Windows XP loses support this coming April I may not be seen here again. Between my shoddy computer and loss of support, I may not even be able to use my computer again after that point. I can't afford to put in a new system unless they're free, which I doubt (I don't know much about computers, so please excuse my ignorance). So after XP loses support, it may be the end of my adventures on the internet due to security concerns. If it happens that I can't use my computer anymore, it's been real. Been nice to be a member here.

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Loren's advice is excellent. I'm simply telling others how they can keep their Windows XP. I have it and 7 and 8 on a total of 3 machines. 7 is OK and I downloaded a program to make 8 work like 7 or XP. Hackers are always doing something. Hell, I'm a hacker, but a nice one. All I'm into is free stuff. I don't care about clandestine shit.

Back to what I said before. I will keep my Windows XP until it drops. It will be on my one machine until it does not work anymore. I'm trying to show Tony how to clean his machine and do that too. Don't give up. When I have to I will wipe my XP and put on another operating system.

The advice I am giving sure beats going to the computer repair shop where he wipes your system at $35 an hour and then makes you feel like he did you a big favor and you lost all of your stuff. IF he is "thoughtful" he will present you with a disc where he saved it to. Any moron can do that, but if you think another operating system is the answer then go for it.

Tony, Loren being an engineer, I'd go with his advice. Like Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, he's whatcha call 'an expert.' Besides, I personally think you're a valuable member here, who contributes a great deal to this site, and makes me think. I'd hate like the mythical hell to see you go. 

Thanks for the endorsement, Pat.  Much appreciated, bro!

My pleasure.

I might ad that Tony said his system was not working right  in some other post. He said he thought he had a virus. It was hard for him to get online. I would op for it being a virus before I thought it had anything to do with Windows XP support.

(Damn, I'm as bad as Nancy Grace!)

I second Pats statement. Please stay or come back if you have to wait for another computer. I understand that too.

You can still keep XP after the date, only Microsoft will stop patching it, and third-party security/antivirus software should also help somewhat with security concerns. There are plenty of free options there.

If you want to consider a Linux distro you can set it up to dual-boot with XP, that is all free and you won't need a new computer, you can choose to boot into Linux or your current XP setup when you start the computer. You just need to make sure you have enough space for it, and set up a Linux partition - most Linux distros can do that when booting from the CD/DVD. Then you can use XP for stuff which requires Windows as well as all your old setup.

For an old PC I'd recommend Linux Mint "MATE" edition alongside WinXP, it's quite lightweight as well as being based on Ubuntu. Ubuntu's menu works more like a tablet and is quite heavyweight, so Mint is better if you want a traditional PC desktop. Mint "Cinnamon" edition is more heavyweight, if your PC is running XP the "MATE" edition might be faster and better. You might need the 32-bit edition instead of the 64-bit if it's an old PC.

As with Ubuntu, installing it is fairly easy. You can download the image, burn to a CD/DVD, and boot from it. If you have enough space you'll be able to keep XP and set up a separate Linux partition. It'll install the GRUB bootloader which will automatically give you the choice to boot into either.

Good luck!

The Clash - Should I Stay Or Should I Go ?

I think you are a little too worried. XP will lose support, but all serious security flaws have already been summarily addressed or ignored anyway. However, if you are that concerned about it, it is possible to pirate windows seven(if your computer has the specs for it).


This is all I know from checking out my system information. My computer is a 32 bit, it has 512 mb of ram, and I have 61.8 % of free space left. What would this mean as far as downloading Linux or Ubuntu ? Would my system hold it ?

RAM memory and hard disc storage requirements are here, Anthony.  My guess is that your machine will run Ubuntu with no problem.  Still, I would read over the System Requirements page on the Ubuntu site to be certain that your PC meets them properly.

Again, I would recommend installing Ubuntu initially as a dual-boot configuration, so that you can run either Ubuntu or XP as you are making the transition.

Something else to note: I'm pulling all of this stuff from the Ubuntu website, and found most of it by using its search tool.  As I said before, Ubuntu is very well supported and by people who know one hell of a lot more about it than I do.  Take the time to check the site out.  If you're still uncomfortable about installing Ubuntu, you should know that you can run it from a CD-ROM or USB drive without changing a thing on your hard drive or operating system.  The site has instructions for that, too.

And all that said, if you still need a hand, I ain't goin' nowhere!


I don't know anything about the difference between memory and hard disk space. I don't even know how to find out how much hard disk space I have available. That's how little I know about computers. All I can do is admit my ignorance and apologize for it.


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