Earthquakes Caused by Iranian Women Not Wearing Proper Attire

Talk about post hoc reasoning!  Sheesh!

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There are many very well educated people in Iran.  Maybe someday they will cease to put up with this.

Sadly the powers that be are not on the side of the well educated Iranians. The USA works against the possibility of secular governance in the mid-east. The educated & secular Iranians and Iraqis who can do so have fled to the USA and other western nations.  

Gee, it wasn't caused by tectonic plate movement?  Ah, well, there goes my geology degree!

Silly Loren, ''god' does stuff like this because he's mad at gay people! ;)

Yeah Loren, how dare you use your brain to think Allah will smite your geology degree.

So is now the time to break out the tea leaves and chicken entrails?!?

[Oh, and I should mention - I'm an engineer, not a geologist.  My "geology degree" hangs out with Elvis on alternate Saturdays at Fred's New Age Church and Greasy Spoon...]

Not that am showing off or anything but am actually an African voodoo priest all I need from u is a blue chicken, a red goat and 10,000 dollars and your engineering degree is safe.

PS: don't ask why god needs 10,000 dollars. LOL

Actually, I WILL ask why god needs $10,000 ... as surely as James T. Kirk asked what god needed with a starship!  Skeptics ASK.  It's sorta what we do!

All I know is he can create all of reality but somehow the magic of currency is beyond him.

PS: why is it always a "him", if god was a woman I doubt there'd be starving kids.

Why is it always a "him?" Might have something to do with who it was that invented it in the first place.

If God were a woman there would not be any anti-abortion movement either.

It is not God but man who needs the ten big.  Send the money to Pat Robertson or John Hagee.  Send it to that grinning horse's ass embracing the gospel of greed, the one who comes onstage at a gullible megachurch congregation numbering in the five figures and tells them to repeat after him: "This is my Booble, &c." and who writes self help books based on feel good claptrap so delusional you wonder who keeps buying them.


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