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I have written about this topic here on Atheist Nexus before and every so often it seems I have to write about it again. I hate doing it. Everyone comes to sites like Atheist Nexus for their own reasons. Mainly we are attracted to the idea of an online atheist community. Here we can talk to atheist friends, make new atheist friends, share thoughts and ideas with other atheists and help each other with our individual projects and even work together for joint projects. We are all friends here and that is what makes Atheist Nexus so great.

But every now and then there is some asshole who wants to bring the drama. These people tend to be more interested only in their own ego and so they want to make everything about them. They have their own ridged idea of what an atheist community should look like and have appointed themselves the censorship police.

I am not interested in drama. Personally, I would rather spend my time arguing against religion and in favor of science, reason, and humanism. But every now and then a drama whore comes along. I do my best to stay clear of these types of people because they have nothing of interest to say except that they don't like so and so and that they are going to bitch to a moderator about such and such.

This is an atheist community and we are all atheists. When it comes to criticizing religion and promoting reason, logic, and humanism we all ought to be on the same side. What can we do about these drama whores?

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Ignore them?
I haven't noticed. Probably because I'm a drama whore. :/
You're incredible. You poor oppressed waif. All that anyone wants here is for members to try and contribute meaningfully to this site. Not that site. This site.

Here we can talk to atheist friends

Exactly. It would be nice if you did that. You don't.

You use AtheistNexus as your personal vanity spamming billboard. You blog bomb this site with posts that are in themselves devoid of any meaningful content, just some pointless waffle with a read more here link to steal readership.

Worse, the sum of your contributions here is not even zero, it's negative. There are numerous people who put time, effort and care writing posts for this site. And what happens to those posts? They get hosed of the front page because people like you blog bomb the place with self promoting spam that contains nothing except a vanity link to your personal page. Where, incidentally, you sell advertising yourself.

It's bad enough you drain this site with your nothingness, but it's beyond the pale when you turn around and squeal censorship. There's some things you need to get your head around -

* You can only censor something that has content

* Spam is not content

* Therefore, removing spam is not censorship

If you actually provided content, you'd have a point. YOU DON'T. You are just a common self-aggrandising traffic thief.
I personally enjoy good drama. Especially when it involves other people and not myself.
Drama Whores?

Doth one protest too much?
Lets crunch some numbers -

* You have contributed 79 blog posts in 2 months, over 2 a day

* Out of the last dozen, the longest is 5 sentences, the shortest 1

* None of the blurbs contained any more information than a newspaper headline

* All want people to click an offsite read more here link

You're a spammer that dilutes genuine writers off the main blog page with torrents on nothing. You demean the overall value of Nexus to users who visit for the first time.

You are a parasite.

Umm, those numbers are pure bullshit! I usually post maybe 1 blog a day and not even every day. I have posted quite a few full blogs and was planning on doing posting one on monday, but held back because I don't like posting more than one blog a day. I don't think I ever posted a one line blog. Usually a paragraph.

It would be false to claim that it contains no content, that would be your opinion here.

Usually, I like people to click the read more link, but to have the discussion here on Atheist Nexis.

Also, you act as if the blogs have nothing to do with the site purpose when they clearly do and you act as if that is all I do on Atheist Nexis and it certainly is not.

You also focus on me and not anyone else who do the same thing some with more frequency. But I'm not going to out anyone. I don't have a problem with it as long as it is atheist related and is about helping the community as a whole.

Finally, your drama is not welcome, What have you contributed? Spamming my articles with spam pictures doesn't count as content is is ironically enough spam.
In Reason,
DT: Umm, those numbers are pure bullshit!

Anyone is free to look for themselves. It is a chasm of nothingness with a clickme.

You have never posted anything that even vaguely resembles a blog here. Even remotely. It's all just to suck traffic off onto your vanity site.

Also, you act as if the blogs have nothing to do with the site purpose when they clearly do and you act as if that is all I do on Atheist Nexis and it certainly is not.

By your standards, it is evident that you would probably consider a Viagra email to be valid blog. You otherwise don't seem to have a clue, nor any consideration for members of this site. It's all narcissistic me-me-me.

Once again, if you actually wrote blogs, there would be no issue. You don't. You spam. I actually encourage blogging, and you ruin all of this for people that do spend time and effort writing blogs with content by pushing them down off the main page with what are little more than empty, infomercial wastes of everybody's time.

Here are the site rules you have paid zero attention to, even after getting spanked for spamming already -

Site Rules & Guidelines -

9. Do not spam the groups, forums, chat, or other members. Any and all commercial or fraud spam should be reported immediately, using the "report issues" function. The following types of posts may be subject to removal without warning:

1. Web links with no adequate accompanying description or explanation.
2. Embedded media with no adequate accompanying description or explanation.
3. Posts promoting personal websites and projects in inappropriate places. Your own profile is a good place for promoting your endeavors.
4. Repetitious posts.
5. Flooding the forums or groups with several posts in a relatively short period of time.

Is that clear enough for you ? Or is it just going to go in one ear and out the other ?

Finally, your drama is not welcome, What have you contributed?

Oh, absolutely nothing. I have never contributed anything to this site. You have just demonstrated very clearly, yet again, that you have no interest in this site, no desire to contribute to our community and don't want to participate as an equal member that respects others they way you would like to be respected yourself - you just use this space as a freebie block of whitespace you can spray drive-by grafitti spam on whenever you please.

This site is our collective loungeroom. You feel you can just wander in and take a dump on the coffee table like it's your "right". It's not. Either contribute to this site or fuck off. Who in the hell do you think is going to miss you anyway?
More personal attacks and bullshit hyperbolic statements.

By your standards, it is evident that you would probably consider a Viagra email to be valid blog.

My bullshit, as I stated before spam has nothing to do with the topic. On a place like Atheist Nexus, blogs with links about atheism is not spam unless they are of a certain repetitive frequency. Comments not about the topic are also spam. Your repetitive posting of photos of spam which have nothing to do with the topic are actually spam.

Get over yourself Dr. Upsidedown, you are not that important.
Told you the site rules would go in one ear and out the other.

Link whore.

Blog spamming.

You provide no substance and you try and steal people's clicks for free. You are a self-promoting spammer. You would squeal like a stuck pig were anybody to do the same on your personal blog.

You show no respect to your hosts, or to the other members here. You steal clicks for your vanity page. It's not like I am the only one that has come to this conclusion. It's pretty bleeding obvious. But I forget, you're a narcissist. Seeing anything from a point of view removed from pure self-interest is inconceivable to you. Because it is all about you isn't it?

Let's address this rationally instead of with Beck-ish language. You just posted links, does that make you a link whore? First, there is nothing in the rules to my knowledge against posting a blurb and then a link to the larger article as long as people can still comment here on Atheist Nexus and have a conversation here. This encourages discussion. It isn't "stealing" anything.

You would squeal like a stuck pig were anybody to do the same on your personal blog.

Actually I don't at all. I encourage people to post their blogs on a related subject and do my best to help out other atheists. Why? Because I think we are all on the same side and would rather spend my time refuting religious claims and beliefs and promoting reason, logic, and humanism. If I write on a topic and someone posts saying that they wrote something similar or in response to that topic, I am all for that. I just don't get the drama and the extreme language. You come off as an irrational angry jerk. In fact, when I had a conversation with one of the moderators awhile back your name came up (before you went upside-down) and they told me you were just a cranky person and that most people just ignore you.

Why don't you try being constructive.
Don't compare your articles to what I write. Only you could be dumb enough to see parallels, as flattering as that may make you feel.

And why don't you write content spamboy ? The rest of us can do it humbly and without the shameless self-publicity. Is your life so hollow it would collapse if you didn't hijack traffic to your irrelevant site ?

A lot of people here pour their hearts into some of their blogs and for what ? To get pushed off into oblivion by egotistical jerks and their spamverts. As others have noticed - a lot of your stuff is the nth repost of old ideas and other stuff is just news items which people that aren't attention starved are smart enough to post in the news groups. Dredging through all of your crap, I can't find a single item that even comes close to what constitutes a readable blog item. It's like you have a fear that you will crumble into dust if your nick isn't spattered all over the place. Postaholism - if you have nothing of value to say, you just go ahead and spatter anyway.

This is the price you pay for a site's popularity - reetards inevitably show up and clog up the works.


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