Doomsday Prophet Harold Camping retires from his Rapture ministry

le his Family Radio Corporation is neither confirming or denying it, several news sources report today that Harold Camping, whose predicted May 21 and Oct. 21 rapture and end of the world failed to materialize, has retired from his radio ministry.


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Oh, gee ... I suppose that means we won't have Harold Camping to kick around anymore, will we?


That's good -- he finally quit! Of course only after taking money from all his followers.
I was hoping he dropped dead.  I guess Im a bad person.
No, HE is the bad person.
Dammit! I'll miss that idiot's gifts of material.
I wouldn't feel too sorry for Harold Camping. His Family Radio Inc., took in more than $80 million (mostly in donations) just between 2003 and 2007 according to MSNBC. The take from the lastest Rapture prediction dwarfed even that.

He gave up? So he takes the 80 million in has little red wagon and goes home? Interesting.

One has to wonder how his followers feel about being taken to the cleaners like this,especially those who gave up their life savings.


October the 21st was looking to be a normal day. Harold Camping was expecting the end of the world...when all of a sudden (dramatic music)...NOTHING HAPPENED!! (more dramatic music)
NOW how will I know when the world is going to end?!
If he had really believed the world was going to end, he would feel obligated to keep telling people about it. This means he didn't believe his own predictions either.
Especially when he took a vacation during the first "rapture".
Just because the 'ole scudder Camping has gone off to a retirement home for the deluded bat shit set, doesn't mean there aren't more waiting in the wings to take his place.  If you get rid of one cockroach, it's a pretty good indication there are plenty more hiding under the cabinet ready to come out.
And that's the sad part...Lots more will be waiting for their chance to fleece the sheep and the sheep never have a clue.


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