Don't discriminate against my Satanism: Killer

Irving Davis, who was convicted of raping and killing a 15-year-old girl, asked to have his death sentence thrown out, alleging he was discriminated against because he practices Satanism.

Davis, 27, was sentenced to death for the June 23, 2002, murder of Melissa Medina in El Paso County, Texas.

His lawyers have asked the Texas appeals court to throw out his death sentence, arguing jurors shouldn't have been told about his foray into Satanism, reports

Prosecutors, however, argue his involvement with the Church of Satan serves as evidence Davis is still a threat to society.

The prosecution showed jurors Davis' drawings of satanic symbols, his copy of The Satanic Bible, the pentagram tattoo on his chest, and a grievance form on which Davis complained about being denied a gong, candles, chalice, black robes and a vial of blood while in prison.

The defence's request sent both appeals court judges into philosophical speeches about the nature of good, evil and religion, reported. [...]

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You know...I don't think his Satanism should be held against him...but he killed and raped a child. If you are going to use the death penalty, it might as well be for stuff like this.
But being denied a gong, candles, chalice, black robes and a vial of blood while in prison is only fair if they also deny bibles and qur'ans.
Umm, Felch? Do you really think they deny Bibles to people who ask for them?
He is saying the opposite. That if you are going to deny one religion you have to deny them all.
... which is why I should stop posting at 2:00 AM.
It never specified that he was denied his Satanic Bible. I very much would think other prisoners wouldn't be permitted other material things beyond their holy books.
If they got a hold of direct evidence showing his [Satanically motivated] belief in murdering, then it would be relevant. Otherwise, it's just innuendo. Some Satanists fit the Satanist cliche, and some don't, and I'm not sure what the ratio is.

When I first saw this, I thought he was saying he should get a religious exemption from murder charges b/c of his religion! I wouldn't be entirely surprised...
If they got a hold of direct evidence showing his [Satanically motivated] belief in murdering, then it would be relevant

Yet when people kill because of their Christianity, they get off with an insanity plea.
I don't even see how religious motivation is relevant to the trial. If someone is schizophrenic, that should be relevant whether they thought God was commanding them to do something or if they were listing to Gus the 6 foot rabbit. Likewise, if they're not insane, I don't care how many times the Old Testament tells them to kill people for certain actions. They can fry along with everyone else.
Stephan: Is this about the woman in Texas, or is there really a majority of Christian murderers getting off on insanity pleas while non-Christians get sentenced? If you know something about the statistics, do tell. Dr. Tiller's killer went to jail and so did the other abortion doctor killer. There is a majority of religious people (including Christians) in prison. Also, if the people sentencing are more sympathetic to Christianity, saying the person is insane is not flattering to Christianity.
Satanic ritual murder is like snuff porn - the FBI has been looking for it for 50 years and have nothing of substance to report. It's the domain of tabloid trash journalists, pentacostals and Dworkin / Mackinnon fem-bots.
Sounds about right. I was stuck in the Catholic church until the age of 14. You wouldn't believe some of the documentaries we were forced to watch, about Satanism and witchcraft, in CCD classes.

The Catholic church has legions of experts on the subject who have massive quantities of 'evidence' ... which they've strangely failed to share with the FBI, since they know it would all be shot down as the third-hand stories that it all is.


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