Internet trolls thrive on bullying, generating outrage, creating fake conflicts, violating community standards, and kicking books out of the hands of nerds in the hallway.   They, like gods, cannot live without attention.  The attention that sustains them, is outrage.   And just like gods, and Tinker Bell, if you don't believe in them, they fade away.


If a troll happens to respond to this topic, even here, it's best not to respond to it.  I forget whether the person who starts a topic can remove responses, but if so...  that could happen.  Meanwhile, you can talk about the troll, but not actually respond to it.


I don't now what's up with admin.  Regardless, this is the best atheist site on Ning or any other network.  The annual troll visitation will pass, things will settle down, and the sun will shine again.



Actual unretouched photo taken of a troll.  Via

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Thank you Daniel for this thread, you are the most level headed person here....So many  members here were feeding  this current troll, it was only  encouraging  him  further, as you  pointed  out. An honest debate is what we do best  here and why  I love this site, but it is impossible  to debate  with a troll, whose name  we will  not mention,because `He" is not sane and competent to debate  in a civil manner....Therefore, as you stated, it is best to ignore the troll and move on.....I do agree with the member  who wished that whoever  monitors this site would  act swiftly to remove  said troll from our  midst.....

I've seen link spammers and theist proselytizers removed very quickly. Maybe Richard thought that the discussions written in response to the racist had some value? Or maybe he was just away for these few days....

Like Melinda and Carl, I also feel like a "home" of ours was invaded, and I did report the person. I actually chose not to write replies to some of the tangential posts, hoping the discussion would die naturally, with no further attention in the Latest Activity. Since that didn't happen, I do appreciate the strong responses some of you wrote.

At this point in time, as I stated earlier, I'm worried about how it looks to a new member or to outsiders visiting the site for the first time.  I think we have a reputation for being very civil and respectful, and I hate to see that image compromised.  

Does anyone know how the reporting system works?  Do these reports go to Richard or to some other person associated with Ning,.   

Carl, they go to Richard.  I think.  I think Ning is not involved in day to day issues of Nexus.

This also brings up another Terms of Service issue I would like to discuss, but want Richard's involvement.  Not sure what to do about that right now.  I just hope he is not ill, not having some sort of insurmountable challenge, and is simply on vacation or something right now.  I imagine Nexus support is not even close to enough to make a living, he has a family, and other fish to fry, so to speak.  But this issue remains to be resolved.

I've submitted two reports.

Has anyone here contacted Richard directly?  If not, perhaps we can designate one person to do so.  I did once before with another issue and it was taken care of quickly. 

Doesn't AN have a rule that only atheists are allowed?  I am certain that he wasn't.  He used the OT as evidence that the Jews did horrible things to people.

You are right. I dont know if those quotes are the same as admitting to theism, but they seem close.

I believe his atheism is sincere, but he's apparently using the non-supernatural parts of the bible as a legitimate guide to history.  Yes, parts of the bible are historically accurate, but not enough overall to be a credible reference.  It's all a mind game to validate your ideology. 

Carl, I think you are right on his biblical history use. Israel Finkelstein has proven OT history to be outright false in most instances and off by 100 years in others. It's doubtful that the main heroes in OT history even existed. Susan and others have thought our troll was really a theist, but I suspect he is a self involved opinionated atheist who thinks everyone in the world should be just like he is, right down to his color and basic beliefs. Theists want to say that atheists are angry. Our troll appeared to be very angry and getting his thrill and attention by spreading his mess.

All I know  is  whenever I saw his icon of Hitler....It gave me the chills....Anyone  using  that is heartless and shameless and a coward....

I'm sure the Jews like the Persians, Assyrians etc. etc. did horrible things to people. 

The old testament isn't history, but maybe cs just doesn't know that. It doesn't mean they're religious.  Many of us would think the Exodus etc. actually happened, until we find out otherwise. 

It's mindblowing that a Hitler fan criticizes the Jews for cruelty!

It is heartbreaking to hear  how some of my fellow members have known  victims  of hatred and abuse...It is  quite  understandable  how  angry  you felt and why  you tried  to fight back  with this troll.....Unfortunately  people  like him have no feelings  of shame and no matter what we say, will have  no meaningful effect....The best thing to do is ignore him and report him and feel sorry  for his miserable life....Like it was said  earlier, we are  a `Family' here and  he was a party crasher, totally unwelcome.....Time to move on....


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