Okay, so I posted this somewhere else .. SO SUE ME! It's too much fun NOT to have out there!

[Loren revs up his best infomercial sales voice] NOW! You can make your own church signs, too at:


It won't slice, dice, or make Julienne fries, but it'll will take any text you want, blasphemous or not, and create a believable looking church sign for it! Just look at these marvelous examples:

And let's not forget:

That's right, folks, you can even use four-letter words and get away with it!

So don't delay, do it today! That's:


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hagh.. the propaganda of shitty poetry!
get this the one down the way seems to have had this up for months...(others change weak i mean weekly...

"remember the there is only one I in sin!?!??" or some crap pffffft.. lame! change it already. right next to a puiblic school horseshit!

lookie here:
(sheep gone.. sheepish) in 20 fkn' 13~?~?~? read idiots! lies inc. is a fail!


you know why they like that crap because it's a quick fix. just like turning atheist and being free again in stead of born-lie again.. sheeeeeeeesh easy peasy . nothing is easy in education! dugh!!!
nothing except wikipedia is overnight dugh!

Ah!  Variations on Mencken!  Dig it!

Very nice!  That's a keeper.

Referring to somerecent news articles.


Maybe a priest blessed their Brita pitcher!

No shit! Or rather, holy shit!

Holy Shit that's funny G Cat!

I was saddened to learn today that Ryland Sanders, creator of the church sign generator, had passed away three years ago after a struggle with COPD. (more at MetaTalk) He had also created the "God Hates Shrimp" site, and blogged (with plenty of secular sanity!) at A Boy and His Computer and on Tumblr.

God always discusses your future and his own before he acts on anything. Is this crazy or what?

Here's a church I went to for many years, then I finally woke up.


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