Disgusting Commercial for Dodge during the Superbowl

I was considering buying a Dodge this year, then I saw this ad and realized that this company has little to no marketing sense because they chose to alienate all buyers who aren't Jewish or Christian by running this on the 8th day god created farmers, Paul Harvey horseshit. I was already annoyed by the Ram Tough commercials wondering why they only sought to appeal to rednecks and trogs and now this... I've owned three of their vehicles and I'll never buy another... good job Dodge. I had been driving through the local Dodge dealership eyeballing the new Dart and the Challenger which was an old love of mine for sometime too... 

Paul Harvey God made a farmer, Dodge ad...

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And now, for the rest of the story. And then the farmer ate an apple from god's favorite tree. God had a hissy fit, so god threw him and his wife's asses out paradise.


Nice Harvey you did there!

So what did the donkeys do once tossed out of paradise?

I have a Dodge. :(  What idiots.

Yeah I've owned three and I was seriously eyeing that new Dart... not anymore and I wrote and told them thanks for alienating me and any other person in the nation that wasn't Christian or Jewish with that idiotic commercial. I also told them, never again, good job!

Did they say anything back?

Of course, I got the canned response that they would take my concerns to their marketing department and they invited me to reply to that email if I had further concerns... 

Actually, I gave up on Dodge after owning one in the late 70's. Those of you who may have owned one from that period know what I mean. It's not that they don't make quality vehicles today, it's that the trauma from that POS was so devastating I doubt I'll ever recover.

Raises hand... testifies, damn Duster, I still have an indentation in my skull from simply getting in and out of the damn thing!

I used to say Jesus H Chrysler.

LOL, I'm going to steal that one SteveInCO!  My FIL is retired from there.  We get big discounts, which is why I have a Dodge.  I won't ever be getting another one though!~Melinda

I figured anyone driving a Dodge back in that time period had plenty of cause to say it.


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