This is very cool.  BBC.


80 million year old dinosaur feathers were found in amber deposits in Alberta.  The feathers tell us not only about their shape, but suggest their color as well.  


I have in my mind an image of T-rex done up like big bird in a feather boa.  Well maybe not that.



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Michael Crichton would have loved this.
That makes sense. Archeoptryx had feathers, and so did some kinds of raptor. It's not a far jump from reptile to bird, really.
The transition from reptiles, specifically the reptiles that developed into the diapsids and into dinosaurs, into aves is really not hard to get and the amount of problems people have with it is astounding...though expected.
I have chickens in my yard.  I  like to imagine they are behaving like little dinosaurs.  If you use your imagination, it's not that much of a stretch.  I had one who was like a little T-rex.  She killed any new chicken who I introduced to the flock, and went after some adult hens, standing on them pecking at them.  I think she murdered one of them too.
It's amazing how misinformed we were in the past regarding dinosaurs.
How cool!  I've shared this on here before, but a cousin of ours dated a girl once whose father 'didn't believe in dinosaurs' because they aren't mentioned in the bible. LOLOLOL

that is so cool!


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