I see this question asked a lot in this forum. Is it possible to get a discussion going where we can put this question to bed once and for all among atheist? It's so obvious to me that the answer is no, he didn't exist and is total mythology.

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But it's not even an original story.  I told a friend to Google Horus and she see the same story with names changed hundreds of years previous.  Lots of different names with the same story.  Born of a virgin, yada yada yada.  How can christians just ignore this?  Oh yeah, the 'DEVIL' planted those stories to TRICK us.  What a powerul 'god' that can't get rid of the 'devil'.  All so silly it makes my head spin.

hi booklover,


"I told a friend to Google Horus and she see the same story with names changed hundreds of years previous."


So you're saying Horus was born of a virgin and roughly the same stories were told about him as about Jesus? OK, can you please provide some evidence for that claim? Because I -and just about every historian on the planet by the way- are not buying it.


So evidence please.


P.S. Word of advice: be rational and critical.

That's not what I said at all.  I don't believe any of the stories.  They are STORIES.  I just said the jesus story was not an original story.  You can Google it, but I'm not going to post a big long report on here just because you told me to. lol  I know you are telling me to be rational and critical, but how about you understanding what people say better and not being so bossy? ;)

Hi booklover,


Perhaps it was poor wording on my part, for which I apologise. Obviously I was not under the impression that you were a theist of any kind, so of course I understand that you see them all as stories.

But what you claimed was that the story which was told about Horus (and other Gods I imagine) is one that involved similar elements to the story of Jesus (like a virgin birth).


That's what I would like to see you substantiate. Of course I know there are plenty of sites CLAIMING these parallels (Horus being born of a virgin, Dionysus being resurrected, etcetera etcetera...), but those claims are invariably simply asserted instead of referenced with source material to other texts.


Basically what I'm saying is that your claim is false: the story of Jesus may be false (which it is in my opinion), but you can't say that it was simply copied from other myths. Because that's simply not true.


Feel free to still try to provide evidence though.


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